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Why 'fed up' MP Romeo Saganash dropped the F-bomb in the House of Commons

The Cree MP, who accused the prime minister of not caring about the rights of Indigenous people, talked to Unreserved about standing up and speaking out in Parliament.

'It's demeaning to our women': Petition wants Indigenous costumes pulled from Spirit Halloween shelves

Every year around mid-September, social media feeds start filling up with hashtags like #CultureNotCostume and #NotYourPocahontas. They are hashtags created in response to Halloween stores that stock costumes with names like Native American Princess, Toddler Little Chief and Sexy Cherokee Warrior.

'It broke my heart': Waneek Horn-Miller fought Kahnawake's 'marry out, get out' policy — and won

She is a proud Mohawk who grew up in Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. She represented Canada at the Olympics and was only 14 when she joined the Oka occupation, to stop a golf course from being built on Mohawk land. But Waneek Horn-Miller didn't think she would have to stand up and speak out against her own community.

'It still stings': Billboard campaign aims to eliminate race-based mascots from Michigan schools

If you travel down Interstate 94 near Paw Paw, Mich., you’ll see a massive billboard with nothing more than a definition on it. 53 school and recreational sports teams in that state still have race-based team names and mascots.

#WeTheStudentsDoNotConsent: How a hashtag inspired Ontario students to walk out of class

On Sept. 21, 2018 Ontario students from high schools and middle schools walked out of their classrooms in droves, to protest changes made to their sex education and Indigenous history school curriculums.

Standing up and speaking out: Meet Indigenous people motivated to take action

Think about the last time you saw something happening that you thought was wrong. What did you do? For most people, the easiest thing to do is ... nothing. Which got us wondering, what motivates the people who do take action? This week on Unreserved, you'll meet people who are standing up and speaking out.

'We have to have some people give up power': A conversation about race, privilege and making space

Marginalized people often struggle to be heard. In order for their voices to rise, those who live with privilege have to make space. But are people in positions of power willing to share that space? Join Unreserved at 6 Degrees Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario, to hear Rosanna Deerchild moderate a conversation about power and privilege.

On the mic: Indigenous podcasters taking space and sharing stories

Having a microphone provides the opportunity to share stories, perspectives and opinions. It's a space that Indigenous people are often excluded from. But as technology becomes more user friendly, more Indigenous storytellers are heading online to make their own spaces, and telling stories through podcasting.

The Secret Life of Canada: A history podcast about the country you know, and the stories you don't

The Secret Life of Canada is a podcast that takes an unconventional look at Canada's history, and uncovers stories not in our history books.

'I want to celebrate elders': Kaniehtiio Horn on her podcast, Coffee with my Ma

Kahn-Tineta Horn has always told great stories about her life as a model in the 1960s, and as a fierce advocate for Mohawk rights. Now her daughter, actress Kaniehtiio Horn, wants the world to hear them on her podcast, Coffee with my Ma.

Word Up podcast aims to revitalize Indigenous languages in Australia

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation produces several programs on Indigenous issues, from politics to arts and culture. But ABC also produces a podcast called Word Up that addresses the loss and reclamation of Indigenous languages across Australia.

Indigenous perspective: Podcast created to fill gaps in mainstream media

Media Indigena is a weekly current affairs podcast, done as a roundtable discussion that includes journalists, academics and story makers. Rick Harp said he created it because he wanted to hear Indigenous people dissect, decode and decipher Indigenous issues in a lively, engaging and intelligent way.

'Building their own community around writing': the new Native Renaissance in literature

In an article for The Paris Review, Tsq'escen journalist Julian Brave NoiseCat says that we’re entering a new Native Renaissance.

'I'd never written about my abuse as truth, I'd always fictionalized it': Terese Marie Mailhot on her memoir

When Terese Marie Mailhot published her debut memoir, Heart Berries, she couldn’t have predicted the response. It was met with rave reviews, and quickly became a New York Times bestseller.

Racist experiences prompted Billy-Ray Belcourt to write poetry, then he won the Griffin Poetry Prize

When Billy-Ray Belcourt went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, he'd written a bit of poetry, but racist experiences and feeling "unbodied" while studying overseas inspired his Griffin Prize-winning book, This Wound Is a World.

'I grew up knowing what I was, was a conflict': Tommy Orange writes about challenges facing 'urban Indians'

In his debut novel, Tommy Orange reveals a world not often explored, the lives of "urban Indians." There, There is set in Oakland, California and is told from the perspective of multiple characters in short episodic chapters. Ultimately, the connections between the characters are revealed when they converge at the Big Oakland Powwow.

Are we in the midst of a 'new Native Renaissance'?

In a recent article for The Paris Review, Julian Brave NoiseCat described the New Native Renaissance he says the literary world is experiencing right now. We'll talk to NoiseCat about what that means, and find out which writers are leading the charge.

The new era of Indigenous cinema: Unreserved heads to TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is arguably one of the largest and most prestigious film festivals in the world, and it's wrapping up this week. The festival attracts big celebrities and hosts the premieres of some of the year's most anticipated films. But is it also ushering in a new era for Indigenous film?

Telling stories and driving change: Tantoo Cardinal on the long, slow evolution of Hollywood

With almost 100 big and small screen credits on her reel, Tantoo Cardinal is a matriarch of the silver screen. This year she had three films showing at the Toronto International Film Festival, Falls Around Her, The Grizzlies and Through Black Spruce.

From controversy swirling around Through Black Spruce to hearing Haida on film: TIFF insights from Jesse Wente

Jesse Wente is a film buff, with a specialty in Indigenous film. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he shared his insights into the Indigenous films screening at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

First feature film shot in Haida premieres at TIFF

Sgaaway K'uuna (Edge of the Knife) is the first feature film made entirely in the Haida language, a language spoken fluently by 24 people. The film premiered at TIFF, but Haida co-director Gwaai Edenshaw said, “we made the movie for our people.”

Kick up your moccasins: Unreserved visits the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation powwow

What a better way to kick off the new season of Unreserved, than by kicking up our moccasins and dancing? This week we’re meeting at the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation powwow.

'The arbour saved my life,' says powwow dancer who survived brain tumour

In 2006, Wallace Moar Jr. from Crane River, Man. found out he had a brain tumour. That diagnosis led him to powwow dancing.

PHOTOS: Unreserved at the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation powwow

Unreserved visited the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation, which is over 170 km northwest of Winnipeg, for their 37th Annual Traditional Powwow.

Drop the mic: Rosanna Deerchild fulfills lifelong dream as powwow emcee

At every powwow there is a person at the centre of it all, the glue holding the whole thing together, that knows all, sees all and tells all. That person is the emcee. At the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation powwow, that person was Michael Esquash from Swan Lake First Nation.
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