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'Fashion is like a language': Sage Paul tells difficult story with new collection

Sage Paul’s forthcoming clothing collection, Giving Life, tells an intimate story. The colours and fabrics remind Paul of her time spent in hospitals, and of the trauma of her miscarriages. “You can tell your secrets through fashion, and it’s not so vulnerable,” said the Toronto-based Dene designer.

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto panel talks cultural appropriation

Earlier this month, some of the world's top Indigenous fashion designers shared their collections at the inaugural Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto. On top of showing collections, there were talks held throughout the week, including one called Cultural (In)Appropriation, which was recorded at the Studio Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.

Concept of 'Indigenous luxury' challenges fashion stereotypes

Angela DeMontigny's new fashion line includes a midnight blue leather jacket. On the back, the collection's name, "Of The Stars" is written in silvery white embroidery in Cree syllabics. For DeMontigny, that was important to include so people could see the language.

Indigenous fashion looks beyond fringe, feathers and beads

Indigenous fashion designers are taking on the industry, and looking beyond fringe, feathers and beads. This week on Unreserved, the future of Indigenous fashion.

Bringing the music biz to the North: Jerry Cans launch Nunavut's first record label

Iqaluit-based band The Jerry Cans created Nunavut's very first record label with a specific goal in mind. To help other Northern acts navigate the music industry.

Art, representation and the importance of seeing yourself reflected in popular culture

Whether it's through comic books, music, or literature, Indigenous artists are finding their voice. This week on Unreserved, how Indigenous artists are reinforcing the presence of their own stories and characters in creative fields where they have often been left out.

Snowguard is Marvel Comics' new Inuk superhero from Nunavut

She wears a fur trimmed parka, with matching boots. And has traditional Inuit tattoos on her face and wrists. Amka Aliyak is a new Marvel comic superhero, and she’s a Inuk teen who goes by the name Snowguard.

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan inspired Kristi Lane Sinclair to pick up a guitar

Fierce and feisty are two words used to describe Haida/Cree musician Kristi Lane Sinclair and her music. But it wasn't always like that. Sinclair recalled being a little girl hiding in her room with a guitar and a dream - a memory that inspired how she approached her new album - The Ability to Judge Distance.

Vancouver's first Indigenous poet laureate set to share the stories of the Musqueam people

Last year, as part of Vancouver's year of reconciliation, the city reached out to the local poetry scene to find the first ever Indigenous poet laureate. Christie Charles, who is a poet and raps under the name Miss Christie Lee, was awarded the prestigious title.

Cherie Dimaline reaches young readers with futuristic, dystopian narrative rooted in Canadian history

The epidemic of youth suicide in Indigenous communities preyed on Cherie Dimaline's mind. But what could she — a writer — do to make a difference and to reach kids who might feel a little hopeless? Her solution: Write a novel where young, Indigenous people save the world.

Seven Fallen Feathers: The story Tanya Talaga had to tell

In 2011, Toronto Star reporter Tanya Talaga went to Thunder Bay to write a story about why First Nation people were not voting in the federal election. But while in Thunder Bay she came across a more compelling, and important story: the deaths of seven First Nation children who were living in Thunder Bay to attend high school, which she would later turn into the book Seven Fallen Feathers.

Lee Maracle stormed CanLit stages to make sure her story was heard

With a career spanning four decades, Lee Maracle is one of the most prolific and respected Indigenous writers in Canada. But when she began her writing career in the 1970s, her voice and her stories were not recognized in the CanLit scene.

Unreserved Reads: Interviews with award-winning Indigenous authors

This week on Unreserved, we revisit conversations with three authors shortlisted for the Indigenous Literature Award, so you can get your summer reading lists ready.

Illustrating colonization: Painting the link between history and poor health outcomes for Indigenous patients

The images, and colours, are vivid. Bright greens, blues and pinks are contrasted against a black background. The artist, Lisa Boivin, is a member of the Deninu K'ue First Nation, NT. She is also a PhD student studying rehabilitation science at the faculty of medicine at the University of Toronto.

'It tells a truth that has been kept secret': Children of God brings residential school story to the stage

A modern musical that sheds light on the painful experience of residential schools has broken new ground in Indigenous Canadian theatre. Children of God was eight years in the making, and is the passion piece of Oji-Cree playwright and composer Corey Payette.

'I've come a long way': Beatrice Deer on moving past addiction, anxiety and anger

Writing her latest album, My All to You, was an emotional experience for Beatrice Deer. "I remember feeling that verbal expression is very limited but music is like 1,000 words coming out all at once and you're not even talking," Deer said.

Indigenous artists explore the link between creativity and healing

Whether through painting, theatre, or music, Indigenous artists are exploring the link between creativity and healing.

Indigenous trailblazers: legendary musicians, up and coming acts carving a path in the arts

Earlier this year, Rosanna was invited to the Megaphono Festival in Ottawa, to host a panel called Indigenous Trailblazers: Carving Paths Through Tradition.

Unreserved visits Victoria: Can a city rooted in colonial history be a progressive site for reconciliation?

We're celebrating the Victoria Day long weekend — and we heard something about a royal wedding? — with a trip to Lekwungen territory in Victoria, B.C. Today on the show we're asking: Can a city rooted in colonial history be a progressive site for reconciliation?

Colonial Reality Tour brings Indigenous land and history into focus

Cheryl Bryce felt that her nation was invisible in the city that is now called Victoria, located on Lekwungen territories. So, she set out to change that. Bryce founded the Colonial Reality Tour which educates people about the Indigenous significance of areas around the city.

Changing names, changing perception: Victoria faces duality of colonial history, pushes for reconciliation

Choosing a Lekwungen name for the newest library in the City of Victoria is part of the reconciliation work supported by Songhees and Esquimalt nations. However, debate continues over controversial street names and monuments.

Celebrating the stars: An Indigenous Walk of Fame proposed for downtown Victoria

Steve Sxwithul'txw wants to see Indigenous talent honoured on the streets of Victoria.

Songhees Nation serves up traditional recipes, and hits the streets of Victoria in a food truck

A new culinary arts program offered through the Songhees Nation is bringing traditional Indigenous recipes back into the kitchen.

'They brought me back to life': Elisapie draws musical inspiration from classic Indigenous acts

When Inuk musician Elisapie sunk into a darkness, she found her way back by listening to Indigenous singers from the 1960s and '70s. She honours those voices on her new album, The Ballad of the Runaway Girl.

Kahnawake's first brewery gives nod to Mohawk ironworkers

It all started with a black bridge, the legends of the Mohawk ironworkers and an idea for a microbrewery. Kahnawake Brewing Company + Black Bridge Taproom is the first of its kind in the territory.

Lee Maracle stormed CanLit stages to make sure her story was heard

With a career spanning four decades, Lee Maracle is one of the most prolific and respected Indigenous writers in Canada. But when she began her writing career in the 1970s, her voice and her stories were not recognized in the CanLit scene.
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