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Tim Horton's Bread Bowl, Drop-Ocalypse Nightmare, Life on Repeat

This week: We speak with the person who’s suing Tim Hortons for taking the bread bowl off the menu, we find out what life is like after being stuck on an amusement park ride for 48 hours, and we talk to a man who has had the same song stuck in his head for six years.

MMA for Kids, Prehistoric Sandwich, DVD Alberta

This week: We look into Red Deer, Alberta’s decision to put MMA octagons in city parks. Could an ancient object found deep within the ice of the Canadian Arctic be the world’s oldest sandwich? And we visit DVD, Alberta to see how they’re dealing with the loss of their only industry.

Computer Artist, Genealogy Nightmare, Facebook Fight

This week: Human vs. Machine! We talk with an inventor who claims his computer is a better artist than Picasso. A Calgary man is distraught to discover that he was actually born in Edmonton. And we visit Winnipeg to witness online arguments happening in real life.

Tote Bag Solution, Eye Contact App, Manitoba's Unmelting Snowman

This week: Are Canadians addicted to tote bags? We talk with a man who developed an app that helps people maintain eye contact and socialize. And we visit a town being torn apart by a controversial snowman.

This Is That Video | Season 3

Six brand new satirical videos from This Is That.

This consulting company works out of a swimming pool

Karma Lab Consulting is North America’s first fully aquatic work environment.

New micro-lecture series, Tick Talks, gives presenters just nine seconds to speak

By significantly reducing the speaking time of a conventional lecture series, the new format enables people to learn a whole lot less about a whole lot more.

This Is That's Guide to the Coolest City in the World

In this episode of This Is That Travel, host Samantha Teener spends twelve wild hours going to the coolest places, eating the coolest food, and meeting the coolest people in the coolest city in the world.

New app, ARGYOU, brings online fights to life in the real world

For the first time, thousands of people are meeting in person to hash out their differences thanks to the new application called ArgYou.

Meet the best e-mailer in the world

The world’s best emailer reveals the secrets of the craft.

The Dark Side of Cross Country Skiing

New film exposes the dark side of professional cross-country skiing

This Is That's Best of 2017

Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring look back on their favourite stories from the eighth season of This Is That.

This is That presents 'The Christmas Letter'

After librarian Dorothy Shunt finds an old letter written to Santa hidden inside an encyclopedia, she becomes compelled to find its author.

Coachella for kids, rare musical instrument, jewel thief lessons

This week: We travel to the Coachella for kids to learn about what goes into organizing this enormous festival, we talk with music historian Herbert Brust about his latest treasure, and check-in with Canada’s most notorious jewel thief during his new educational tour.

Wedding tax credit, hit new board game, inspirational quote factory

This week: We talk with a disgruntled bride who thinks that Canadians should receive a tax credit for their weddings, we interview the inventor of this Christmas’ most popular board game, and we go undercover to investigate the seedy world of inspirational quotes.

Britain's new embassy, Jerky the Gerbil, Melting Man festival

This week: We talk with a spokesperson from the British government who is unhappy with their new embassy in Canada, we learn about the Canadian government’s new initiative to teach kids not to be jerks, and we visit a rural Saskatchewan town for the first ‘Melting Man’ festival.

Boot camp ban, celebrity commencement speeches, largest mass divorce

This week: We talk with a person who wants to ban group exercise in all of Toronto’s public parks, we find out the secret behind viral celebrity commencement speeches, and we visit a town in Manitoba that’s trying to organize the world’s largest mass divorce.

Drug dealers against legalization, Canada's top airport, Baby Jason

This week: We talk with a drug dealer who opposes the legalization of marijuana, we learn about Canada’s best and worst airports, and we find out what became of a baby that was stuck in a well.

'O Canada' on Flights, Password Protection, Prison Punchlines

This week: We speak with a Canadian who started a petition to make singing the national anthem mandatory before all domestic flights, we talk to a security expert about how strong passwords can protect your identity, and we visit a prison that’s using standup comedy as a tool to rehabilitate inmates.

Mount Everest Sale, Baby Boomer Comic, Nudist Oil Company

This week: We speak with the Texas billionaire that’s purchasing Mount Everest, we find out why baby boomers are going crazy over a new comic book, and we explore Fort McMurray’s first and only nudist oil company.

This consulting company works out of a swimming pool

This consulting company works out of a swimming pool

This Is That Video - Season 1

Watch all six videos in Season 1 of This Is That's web series.

Cross Country Carnage: Cross country skiing will never be the same

"Oh my god... this trail... this is where the nightmare began." The rush of skiing on level ground for hours on end... no one ever really talks about it.

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Finally, a commercial that reflects the workout habits of real people

Finally, a commercial that reflects the workout habits of real people,,,,,,,,,,