We should all take more naps

Derek Edwards and Anna Gustafson debate the importance of naps.

Don't be fooled by the topic—this is one invigorating debate! Derek Edwards tries to lull Anna Gustafson into thinking naps are essential, while she refuses to close her eyes on the importance of staying awake during daylight hours. 

According to Derek Edwards, we'd be foolish not to take the opportunity to kick-start the day twice instead of just once in the morning, when you risk waking up on the wrong side of the bed.  

It's rare I'm given a topic to which I've already put such vast amounts of research.- Derek Edwards

Anna Gustafson thinks powering down for a power nap is just not energy-efficient.

Humans are monophasic sleepers, programmed to sleep once during a 24-hour period so they can have sharp cognitive skills. So they can do things like drive a car, problem-solve… look up words like 'monophasic' during the day.- Anna Gustafson

Don't sleep through this debate!

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