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Unrestrained capitalism takes too much credit for the modern world, says author

Nathan Schneider's new book Everything for Everyone examines how the cooperative — an alternative model to the corporation — has helped shape the world economy.

Tapestry's 'Soundtrack for the soul'

Inspired by Sister Helen Prejean's musical playlist of songs to lift our spirits - we asked you favourite songs. Here is the Tapestry playlist, with songs submitted by listeners.

Sikh Captain America says his mission is simple — fight hate and intolerance

Vishavjit Singh knows how dangerous labels can be. That’s why he dresses up as Sikh Captain America and tries to get everyone he meets to combat a pervasive enemy: hate and intolerance.

Debunking cultural myths

How the world we imagine isn't quite how we know it to be. A talk with the Sikh Captain America and a look at the cooperative's role in world history.

I've never felt more alive: Dead Man Walking author on how to thrive in dark times

We live in challenging times. From climate change to mass shootings, it’s easy to feel despair. Sister Helen Prejean, a leading figure in the campaign to end the death penalty, is feeling it herself. And if you are too, Prejean has some advice for you.

Stop trying to make your food perfect, says Buddhist chef

Veteran chef and Zoto Zen Buddhist priest Edward Espe Brown wants you to trust your hands more — and give your head a break.

A beautiful text: How Arabic calligraphy illustrates faith

“I think if we’re not doing things with our hands, we are not really living to our fullest capability.” Trained in Arabic and Western calligraphy, Salman Khattak says writing is a spiritual practice.

Your own hands

What happens when we get out of our heads and into our hands?

A Rabbi, a Pastor and a Muslim walk into a bar...

Three standup comedians. Three religious traditions. One night of laughs and spiritual solidarity.

Three unlikely places to find transformation

Tapestry's most memorable stories about personal transformation and reflection with guest host Yassin Alsalman.

How Margaret Atwood's Puritan ancestors inspired The Handmaid's Tale

At the Restorying Canada conference, Margaret Atwood describes the inspiration for her novel, The Handmaid's Tale.

The healing power of jam

The Southridge Jam Company is located in the Niagara fruit-belt and provides meaningful work for people who are homeless. The goal is to help participants get back on their feet. In this documentary, you'll meet three people whose lives have been changed through making jam.

B.C. producer says his dad built a 'continuity of spirit' that transcends generations

Before making a name for himself as a film producer, writer and social entrepreneur, Sol Guy spent his childhood in the small town of Grand Forks, B.C. His father, William Richard Guy, was instrumental in helping Sol understand his heritage.

'Daughter of the Martyr': Grappling with the legacy of a missing father

Jihan 'Jiji' Kikhia was only six years old when her father, a prominent critic of Muammar el-Qaddafi, was abducted. His disappearance initiated a lifelong journey for Kikhia. Although she knows what happened to her father, his disappearance has left her searching.

Fatherhood in diaspora

Guest host Yassin 'Narcy' Alsalman explores what it means to be a father when you're part of a diaspora.

'I thank hip hop for helping me cope'

In his personal essay, guest host Yassin Alsalman opens up about how hip hop helped him cope with the loss of his friend and collaborator, Nawaf.

OVO producer Noah '40' Shebib and his sister Suzanna empower youth through hip hop

Drake’s producer Noah '40' Shebib and his sister Suzanna Shebib have first-hand experience of the transformative power of hip hop. It changed the course of their lives. Now they’re using hip hop - in the studio and the classroom - to help change the lives of young people.

Narcy in the Dot

Listen to full versions of guest host Yassin Alsalman's conversations with Kardinal Offishall, Witch Prophet, OVO producer Noah '40' Shebib and his sister Suzanna.

Queer musician Witch Prophet creates inclusive hip-hop scene

Witch Prophet, a Toronto-based singer-songwriter, was frustrated by the lack of diversity and opportunity in hip hop, so she decided to do something about it. For the past ten years, her collective 88 Days of Fortune has been hosting events that raise the profile of female, queer and non-binary hip-hop artists.

Hip hop allowed us to 'keep dreaming,' says Kardinal Offishall

Kardinal Offishall has been in the Toronto hip-hop scene for over 20 years. He talks about the responsibilities of those who "make it" and how hip hop helped him to dream big.

The redemptive power of hip hop

Guest host Yassin Alsalman, a.k.a. Narcy, explores how hip hop can change lives and nourish the soul. Feature conversations with Toronto hip-hop legend Kardinal Offishall, Witch Prophet and OVO producer Noah ‘40’ Shebib and his sister, Suzanna Shebib.

Sin, spiritual experiences and survival

This week, Tapestry is revisiting four stories about sin, spiritual experiences and survival with guest host Christa Couture.

'I don't just accept my disability — I can celebrate it.'

For a long time, Christa Couture hid her disability. But over time, she's come to see it as a kind of superpower.

My cerebral palsy isn't a problem to be cured, says writer Eli Clare

Writer, activist and poet Eli Clare spoke to guest host Christa Couture about the messiness of what it means to be "cured."

Rethinking disability

"I’ve accepted my disability, but lately I’ve wondered: could I also celebrate it?" Guest host Christa Couture explores loving her differences on the summer edition of Tapestry.
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