Tuesday November 14, 2017

Judah Friedlander is trying to find comedy in uncommon places

(Melody Lau/CBC)

Listen 17:58

Judah Friedlander sports a signature look that, much like his 30 Rock character, may not seem too serious. His square-framed glasses take up a significant portion of his face, with the rest covered in a beard and long hair — all of it capped off with a rotating selection of trucker-style hats. But, underneath his uniform of a look is someone eager to share his thoughts on politics and the world at large.

In his latest Netflix comedy special, America is the Greatest Country in the United States, Friedlander confronts issues of human rights, racism, climate change and more, but as he notes, his jokes aren't obvious. Instead, he tries to find humour in "places that you normally wouldn't look."

Today, he joins guest host Ali Hassan to discuss his comedy special and how politics and social activism have inspired him and his work over the years.

— Produced by Ty Callender