Under The Influence


Under The Influence

Take an unprecedented ride through the hallways of the adindustry.

Host and adman Terry O'Reilly explores why we makethe shopping decisions we make, and how we areinfluenced by words, colours and images. He tells storiesof the remarkable creativity found at the higher realms ofmarketing, and analyzes the ads we love to hate.

Under The Influence is not a show about advertising.

It's a show about life through the lens of advertising.

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SS18E4 - Marketing Rock 'N' Roll, Pt II

This week, it's Part Two of "Marketing Rock 'n' Roll." As the 1980's unfold, technology changes rock and roll marketing forever, with the arrival of MTV. The launch of MTV is one of the great marketing stories of all time, and it almost went under before it began - but was saved by Mick Jagger and a one dollar bill. We'll analyze how MTV changed the music business, and how Michael Jackson's video Thriller changed MTV. We'll also talk about how the Internet revolutionized the marketing of rock and roll forever. From iTunes to YouTube to the invention of Apps - suddenly technology was the newest rock star.

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SS18E3 - Marketing Rock 'N' Roll, Pt I

In part one of a two-part episode, we'll trace the marketing of rock all the way back to its origins with Elvis Presley and his wily manager Colonel Tom Parker. We'll tell the story of how the Beatles lost millions by not following Elvis's blueprint, and how the Rolling Stones borrowed a page right out of the books of Madison Avenue to compete against the Fab Four. Plus, what show on marketing rock and roll would be complete without mentioning the biggest marketing machine in the history of rock and roll - KISS. Part Two will begin with the emergence of MTV. It's a fascinating and interesting journey.

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SS18E2 - The Psychology of Price

This week in our Summer Series, we explore how we're all influenced by pricing. Like how the price of a bottle of wine has an enormous affect on how much you enjoy that wine. We'll analyze how restaurants design menus to steer you toward the most profitable dishes, and how retail stores use psychology to persuade you to spend more. We'll also explore the psychological power of the number "9" - how we're drawn to prices that end in "99 cents." And how we're willing to pay more for products that end in the number 9. Pricing has a lot more to do with psychology than straight math. It's all about marketing, and it's an eye-opening story.

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SS18E1 - Elevator Pitches

Welcome to the first episode of our 2018 Summer Series, where we bring you encore episodes from deep in our archives. This week is about the art of the elevator pitch. The definition of an elevator pitch is being able to pitch an idea in the time it takes an elevator to go from the first floor to the second. Distilling a selling idea down to a few words is the ultimate test: If it can be encapsulated in one compelling sentence, it's strong. If it can't be, the idea is probably fuzzy.

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S7E25 - Ask Terry 2018

This week marks the final episode of the 2018 season. And as we do every year, we're turning this show over to you, our listeners. We'll be answering all the marketing and advertising questions you've sent us through social media. From the inspiration behind our theme song, to why some commercials overstay their welcome, to whether lawn signs really affect elections, this year's questions were fun and insightful.

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