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Live from Hot Docs... It's Podcast Playlist

Our interactive, variety show-style episode live from the Hot Docs Podcast Festival features storytellers from coast to coast. Come discover the extraordinary range and diversity of Canada’s podcast talent!

New and Notable: November Edition

Every month release an episode about new and noteworthy podcasts. There’s so many good ones out there, it’s getting harder to narrow it down. This week: Front Burner, The Off Season, Secret Life of Canada, Nick Quah, Home Cooked and Someone Knows Something.

Spooky podcasts to get you in the Halloween spirit

We’re headed into the world of the creepy, the ghastly and the unexplained! It’s our annual Halloween episode full the most frightening stories we’ve heard this year.

Glynn Washington's tips for telling a truly scary story

Snap Judgment and Spooked host Glynn Washington shares his tips for telling a perfectly horrifying ghost story.

Thirteen seriously scary podcasts

Halloween is the perfect time to curl up with some headphones, heat some jiffy pop and scare yourself silly listening to scary stories. In this week's episode we shared creepy tales that had you accidentally running up the stairs instead of out the front door.

Podcasts about the wonders of imagination

What happens when your dreams can’t be separated from reality? What would happen if you could interview the inanimate objects around you- what would they say? Featuring: Everything is Alive, Bubble, Afropop Worldwide and more.

From the Slime economy to learning to love in Guantanamo Bay: Podcasts about family

We’ve got stories about how to choose a spouse, how to raise a child and how to forgive your parents. Featuring: Love Me, The Mash Up Americans, The Science of Happiness, This is Love, The Leap, The Longest Shortest Time.

The best news podcasts to help you stay informed

In this unstoppable news cycle - we’re here to help you navigate how you get your news through podcasts.

Cosy new podcasts for fall

The air is getting chilly, and the leaves are starting to change. Time to snuggle up with some hot apple cider and 6 new podcasts for fall.

How who we are shapes our world

Today we’re talking identity through seven fascinating podcasts from ABC, Radiotopia and more.

Podcasts about marijuana

Marijuana is going to be legal very soon. So, let's take a closer look at the controversial plant, from how it impacts a country's GDP to what it feels like to get high for the first time at 42. Stories from Stoner, Endless Thread and Unladylike.

Bathtub vodka and red wine myths: podcasts about alcohol

The first instalment in our two part series about recreational substances. We’ve got a flight of podcasts about everything from why the news media constantly reports on the supposed benefits...or dangers of red wine -- To the story of a hatchet wielding Temperance crusader, who smashed bottles across the nation.

Podcast Playlist LIVE! At Hot Docs Podcast Festival

We've got two live shows coming up November 1st and 5th.

Reddit podcast Endless Thread launches second season

Endless Thread, from WBUR and Reddit, launched its second season in August. Lindsay Michael caught up with hosts Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Silvertson to talk about what they've learned and where they want to take their show next.

New and notable: dog days of summer edition

Cap off your summer with fascinating stories from CBC, Audible and Reddit. Also, podcast critic Nick Quah stops by to share his insight to the podcast industry.

Late great summer listens

From a deep dive into Janelle Monae's summer hit to investigating why we haven't found aliens yet - we've got a list of hot podcasts you might have missed this summer.

Celebrating music with the Arkells' Max Kerman

From rap battles on the internet, to a graphic novel created for an album — here are podcasts all about music. Special guest Max Kerman from Arkells joins us to talk about his love for podcasts and Canadian music.

Long, Short, Straight, Curly: Podcasts about every type of hair

Whether it's on Superman's head or Beyoncé's, it's impossible to ignore how iconic hair has shaped our culture.

Listener picks

The best podcasts suggested by our listeners. Featuring stories from ESPN, Upright Citizens Brigade and Radiotopia.

The Greatest Hits of the Podcast World

Our favourite podcasts of all time.

'Maybe we didn't have a right to know any of these things': S-Town critic reacts to lawsuit

When the S-Town podcast was released last year, Vox internet culture writer Aja Romano questioned whether the story ever should have been told. Now, her sentiment has been echoed in a lawsuit filed against the podcast's creators.

What's in the box? Podcasts about containers big and small

Whether it's used to hold a gift, perform a magic trick or even escape slavery, some of the most interesting stories revolve around a simple box.
Podcast Playlist

Podcasts about seeking the spotlight

From a man who made up stories just to get on TV talk shows to an anonymous secrets hotline, we share the stories of the people who seek out fame and those who would rather remain anonymous.

Exploring advertising in podcasts with Terry O'Reilly

Under The Influence's Terry O'Reilly joins us to discuss the evolution of podcasts and brands. Plus, we explore some of the best branded shows out there.

New and notable: Summer edition

Featuring the latest podcasts from CBC, Slate, Panoply and The Washington Post.
Podcast Playlist

Podcasts about seeking the spotlight

From a man who made up stories just to get on TV talk shows to an anonymous secrets hotline, we share the stories of the people who seek out fame and those who would rather remain anonymous.
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