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See Ya, 2018

The media may move on... but for the people behind the headlines, the story continues. This week, Piya speaks with people affected by some of the year's top news stories of 2018 to find out what their lives are like after trending.

Scandal, psychopathy and silence: Our 5 most popular stories of 2018

We've compiled a list of the Out in the Open stories you've engaged with most throughout the year.

This retired couple is refusing to let condo living be their 'final destination'

Four friends in their 60s are creating a housing co-op to try and build their own community.

Fat, tattooed and on the trail: Meet the woman changing what it means to be a hiker

Meet the woman who carved out a space for herself, and thousands of others who don't fit the mould, in the world of outdoor activities.

World AIDS Day: 30 years on, HIV no longer a death sentence but stigma remains

Saturday marks 30 years since the first World AIDS Day, which was established in 1988, during the height of the AIDS crisis, to create awareness around HIV/AIDS, promote potential cures and remember lives lost.
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Community Creators

More Canadians are living in cities than ever before. But research shows that as these centres grow, social supports aren't keeping up, and all that crowding leads people to feel isolated. This week, with that ongoing rise in urbanization and isolation, Piya explores how people are creating community.

What a lifelong Democrat learned from a year trying to live like a Republican

From pig hunting to Tea Party meetings, for one year former NPR CEO Ken Stern immersed himself in the conservative culture he and his Democratic circles mocked. By the end of his undercover operation, he had left the Democratic Party.

'You live in hell every day': The tragedy of forgetting your child in the car

Even though Raelyn Balfour remembers dropping off her nine-month-old son at the babysitter's before going to work, she actually didn’t. Later that day, he died in the car of hyperthermia.

'Communication is a basic human right': How this man with nonverbal autism found his voice

Ido Kedar was told as a child that he would never be able to communicate independently. As an adult, he has found his voice through his iPad and keyboard.
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Crossing Divides

We have more ways than ever to communicate with each other. Yet even with all our discourse, it seems we're more divided than ever too, entrenched in camps by our politics, identities, abilities and values. This week, meet people who stepped over the line as Piya asks: What can you learn from crossing divides?

'I did have the blinders on': Former feminist on what changed her mind

Cassie Jaye used to call herself a feminist. She also used to consider so-called "men's rights activists" her enemy. But when she set out to make a documentary exposé about them, her perspective on gender and equality changed.
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Make it Right

This week, in the realm of sexual misconduct and beyond, Piya asks: When you've done wrong... how do you make it right?

Truth versus protection: David Chariandy negotiates how to talk to his daughter about race and belonging

The award-winning novelist says he’s never felt divided when it comes to his own identity, but that talking to his daughter about racism past and present was another matter.

'I probably made things worse': Cree former prosecutor looks back regretfully on his work in Saskatchewan

After a career in law, retired prosecutor Harold Johnson now believes Indigenous people should be allowed to take over justice in their own communities.
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Split Loyalty

Have you ever been torn between two ideals, causes or people... and can't quite figure where your allegiance should lie? This week, Piya speaks with people who found themselves with split loyalty and either felt like they had to choose a side or embrace living on a border.

Emergency dispatcher tried to 'brush off' her PTSD, until she couldn't

‘I went into my own crisis,’ said Jessica Patoine after an emergency call.

'We all want to believe we would be the hero': Why one woman froze in a crisis

The bystander effect prevented Jeva Lange from helping someone who she thought was contemplating suicide.
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Crisis Reactors

Between natural disasters, targeted attacks, and everyday accidents, we hear about crises happening to other people on the news all the time. This week, Piya speaks with people who were there when crisis struck, to find out how they responded... and what their reaction says about them.

How straight, white, able-bodied men can have a role in workplace diversity

Corporate inclusion manager Tej Singh Hazra says addressing inequality ‘means having everybody at the table’

Feminista Jones doesn't think you're an ally

Activist, writer and social worker Feminista Jones doesn’t like the term 'ally'. Instead, she says she wants 'co-conspirators'.
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The word "ally" is thrown around a lot these days, especially by people who work to support women, people of colour, and those in the LGBT community. This week, we go beyond the buzz of the word to see what it really means... and whether it makes a difference.

Fighting hate with friendship — one Exalted Cyclops at a time

Daryl Davis is a black blues musician. He's befriended hundreds of Ku Klux Klan members, many of whom have since changed their views on white supremacy. And he’s got dozens of robes and hoods in his closet to prove it.

Former member of Canadian white supremacist group says hatred must be met 'with an open heart'

Elizabeth Moore was one of the few female members of the neo-Nazi group the Heritage Front in the early 1990s.

#MeToo and You

One year after the hashtag #MeToo took off, motivating victims of sexual harassment and assault to go public about their experiences, Piya speaks with people about how it has -- or has not -- changed their own lives.

Going public with Weinstein allegations was the 'right thing to do,' Erika Rosenbaum says one year later

The Montreal actress describes how life on set has changed after going public with her allegations of harassment by Harvey Weinstein, and in the wake of the wider #MeToo movement.
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