Now or Neverwith Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen


Need a nudge? Take our Now or Never lists and get motivated

Summer is the time to tackle your to-do list. If you've got a project you've been putting off, we've got just the thing to get you started.

'I think you're having a stroke, ma'am': Thanking the lifeguard who saved my life

Dianna Rasing got the rare opportunity to thank the young woman who saved her from drowning, exactly one year after it happened.

'My heart is warm': Brothers separated by war reunite after 26 years

The last time Marcus Askar saw his brother Ismail was when he fled Somalia 26 years ago. The two brothers kept in touch but hadn't seen each other in person - until now.

'I really need a solid Burnsy pep talk': Reconnecting with the teacher who changed my life

When Arif Jaffer was in high school, Mr. Burns gave him some advice he never forgot. Now he's at another crossroads in his life, and could really use another Burnsy pep talk.

'I am very very grateful': Ian Hanomansing thanks the man who gave him his first job

How a Nova Scotia man named Geoff helped a 17-year-old Ian Hanomansing launch his broadcasting career.

EPISODE | Who do you need to reconnect with?

We've all had the experience of losing touch with somebody. Meet Canadians who have taken a risk and reconnected with a person from their past.

'I have this black cloud following me': Petitioning for easier pardons

Vic Savino wants changes to the way Canadians can apply for pardons and he's getting high-level help from his Liberal MP plus a member of the Prime Minister's Youth Council.

What it takes to find a job when you have Tourette syndrome

'It's pretty hard not to be completely vulnerable out there, because it's entirely obvious when I walk in a room that there's something different about me.'

How two brothers overcame the high jobless rate for people with disabilities

When Sam Williams, who has a developmental disability, needed a job, he looked to his older brother Luke for inspiration.

Why this new Canadian is trying to change his Ukrainian accent

Ivan Duka speaks three languages and is looking for work — but he's worried that his Ukrainian accent might get in the way.

On the job hunt, turning challenges into advantages

It's not easy pounding the pavement for a job. It's even harder when something keeps getting in your way.

What I found when I returned to my grandmother's house

Three decades earlier, my family would drive every summer from Winnipeg to Calgary just so we could spend a couple of weeks with my Grandma (my mom's mom) and Grandpa. We'd pull up to the front curb and there they would be, just waiting for us with the biggest smiles and the warmest hugs.

After a 44-year wait, Bill Porter takes his dad's Ford LTD for a spin

Winnipegger Bill Porter never had the chance to drive his father's 1973 Ford LTD Brougham. After his father died suddenly of a heart attack, his mother's rule was 'no one touches the car.'

Building black: Turning a childhood obsession with Lego into incredible art

Toronto artist Ekow Nimako has carried his childhood obsession with Lego into his adult years - and has built a burgeoning career as a Lego artist. Today, his creations look at ideas of black identity, afrofuturism and childhood nostalgia.

No kids allowed! How to build a fort for grown-ups

'I think you need to get out and build a fort every now and again to figure out who you are,' says kid-at-heart Sandra Schmidtke.

EPISODE | What's one thing you did as a kid that you'd love to do again?

When we grow up we sometimes don't allow ourselves to look back. This week we jump into the action with people across Canada who recall something they did as a kid that they'd love to do again.

This 25-year-old runner with autism is going for gold

Alec Baldwin is competing in this summer's Special Olympics. To prepare, he's enlisted the help of an elite running team.

'Performing is what makes me happy': A cancer diagnosis brought this Broadway star back home

After making it big on Broadway, Catherine Wreford is back in her hometown of Winnipeg. But what brought her back to the prairie theatre isn't a starring role - she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Trevor and Ify hit the highway

With the promise of ice cream cones, sing-a-longs, and beautiful views, Trevor and I took off on our very first Now or Never road trip.

Make the most of your summer!

Summer is here, and it's up to you to make the most of it. On this Now or Never, meet people who are motivated to cross big items off their summer bucket list.

'Teaching is a calling': Meet the 101-year-old teaching computers to seniors

Isabella Dryden is over a century old, and she says she hasn't stopped teaching for 81 years.

On this First Nations hockey team, young men sharpen their skills and find support

The players on the Band of Brothers are all young Indigenous men from across Canada. They're in B.C. to prepare for post-secondary education and make their hockey dreams come true.

How to make ogbono soup (and reconnect with your culture) in 5 easy steps

I spend a lot of time thinking about my Nigerian identity. So this week, I'm taking a small step in trying to master how to make a traditional Nigerian food, ogbono soup.

'Say kind things about yourself': Kids share their life advice

You're never too young to pass down your knowledge - even if you're still in elementary school! Get some sage advice from surprisingly wise kids.

Olympic rower nudges a Now or Never listener toward fitness

We paired Kate Wallis, who describes herself as 'over 50 and overweight', with Olympic silver medallist Jeremiah Brown. As a 'four-year-Olympian', he knows a little something about transforming your fitness.,,,,,,,,,,