Episode 395: Legal pot, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, refugee children, animal parts on Facebook, summer reads and more

How the hope of profits pushed Canada to legal pot, how Beyoncé and Jay-Z kept their video shoot secret, comforting refugee children separated from their parents, asylum seekers and the Mexican election, the illegal wildlife trade on Facebook, summer reads and more.

'Money drove the policy': How dreams of dividends got Canada to legal pot

Veteran civil liberties lawyer Alan Young has fought for decades to change Canada's marijuana laws. He's not convinced we've got it right yet.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z visited the Louvre to shoot a video and somehow kept it a secret

How did Beyoncé and Jay-Z, two of the most famous people on Earth, keep the filming of their music video at the Louvre a secret?

'We are sending all of our love': U.S. families write letters to refugee children missing their parents

American children read the letters they wrote to refugee children who are separated from their parents.

Mexico's presidential candidates say they're done with doing Trump's 'dirty work' on the migration issue

Mexico has detained and deported more Central American refugees than the United States. The country's presidential candidates say that needs to change.

How Facebook became home to a thriving illegal wildlife marketplace

Animal rights groups are fighting to hold Facebook accountable for hosting pages that facilitate the sale of ivory and other illegal animal parts.

Should I Read It? Get your beach blanket ready because the Day 6 summer reads book list is here

Summer is officially here and our books columnist Becky Toyne reveals the five books you should read before Labour Day.

Riffed from the Headlines 06/23/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 394: The Trump Doctrine, Nigeria's World Cup kit, the song of the summer, unaccompanied minors & more

America first: the Trump Doctrine at work, why Nigeria's jerseys are a hit at the World Cup, the Day 6 music panel picks their candidates for song of the summer, underage asylum seekers are at risk in Canada too, Egypt is building a brand new capital and more.

'They gave us Scotch Tape': Former White House archivist had to reassemble documents ripped up by Trump

Solomon Lartey was fired after 20 years of archiving presidential records. Among his final tasks was repairing documents torn up by Donald Trump.

'We're America, bitch': Defining the Trump Doctrine

Thomas Wright, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, says Donald Trump has a remarkably consistent and coherent doctrine that predates his presidency.

Underdogs turned fashionistas: Nigeria's team jerseys are a big hit at this year's World Cup

Nigeria is a long shot to win the World Cup, but the team's fashion choices have earned it a global following.

We need a song we can 'let loose and sing along' to: Predicting this year's song of the summer

Every summer, music fans unite around an iconic pop anthem. As the official start of summer approaches, the Day 6 music panel shares its picks for this summer's definitive jam.

As controversy erupts over U.S. camps for unaccompanied minors, advocates say Canada's system needs a fix

Canada isn't dealing with as many underage asylum seekers as the U.S., but people who work in the field say too many of them are at risk of falling through the cracks.

Bye bye Cairo: Egypt is spending billions building a brand new capital in the desert

The government promises a modern, luxurious city of the future, but who will be able to afford to live there?

Riffed from the Headlines: 06/16/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 393: Ontario goes for Ford, North Korea summit, Brock Turner, Impeach-O-Meter, LGBTQ soccer and more

What Doug Ford's victory means for Ontario, spectacle vs. substance at the North Korea summit, the Impeach-O-Meter returns, recalling the judge who sentenced Brock Turner, defiant LGBTQ football fans head to Russia, Anthony Bourdain remembered and more.

Ford Nation rises again: How a clear brand and good timing carried Doug Ford to Queen's Park

Doug Ford made plenty of promises on his way to becoming the next Premier of Ontario. Can he deliver?

The North Korea summit: Sound and fury signifying ... anything?

Political scientist Robert E. Kelly says he fears that the theatrics and spectacle surrounding the meeting will kill any chance of achieving results.

LGBTQ soccer fans stare down threats from Russian soccer thugs ahead of World Cup 2018

Joe White of Pride In Football says he will go to the World Cup and will be careful, but he will also stand loudly and proudly in solidarity with LGBTQ Russians.

Could North Korea follow apartheid South Africa's path to denuclearization?

As the apartheid era was coming to an end, the regime of F.W. de Klerk was looking for ways to end South Africa's status as a pariah state. So he got rid of South Africa's secret cache of nuclear weapons.

Trump's odds of staying in office: The Day 6 Impeach-O-Meter for June 8

In the Impeach-O-Meter reading for June 8, Tina Nguyen of Vanity Fair's The Hive says Trump's latest statements might not move the needle much, thanks in part to Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

Why recalling the judge who sentenced Brock Turner may backfire

Aaron Persky was voted out after sentencing Brock Turner to six months in prison. Some victims' rights advocates say the fallout of the recall will be felt most sharply by those who are already marginalized.

In 2010, Anthony Bourdain talked about his mental health struggles and the song that 'saved' his life

Celebrity chef, author and TV host, Anthony Bourdain spoke with Day 6 in September 2010 about music, drug use and mental health.

Riffed from the Headlines: 06/09/2018

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