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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, Jan. 12, 2018
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Part One

Trump Vulgar Comments
Donald Trump swears he didn't swear when referring to Haiti and African countries — but our guest believes the president's foul language is reflective of his foul ideas about immigrants. 

Hassan Diab
He spent three years behind bars, waiting to be tried on terrorism charges — but today, French judges ruled there's not enough evidence against Ottawa professor Hassan Diab, and let him go. 

Pirate Blackbeard Books
Sugaring the pillager. In a discovery that makes a barbaric and putrid plunderer seem sweeter, researchers find evidence that the 18th-century pirate Blackbeard may have enjoyed a good book. 

Part Two

Abandoned Patient
A patient from a Baltimore hospital is found outside in the cold, wearing just a gown and socks — and the man whose video exposed her exposure still can't believe what he saw. 

California Mudslides Latest
Berkeley Johnson lost his house to the mudslides in California this week — but what's really affecting him is how he managed to find, and save, a baby. 

Part Three

Apple Spyware
The FBI accuses an Ohio man of creating spyware to hijack the webcams and microphones of unsuspecting users of Apple computers. And they say that, over 13 years, he's targeted thousands of people. 

Feature: Ice Bridge Documentary
A new documentary airing on CBC called Ice Bridge explores a controversial idea called the "Solutrean hypothesis" — which claims that the first humans in North America came from Europe. Critics say that idea already been debunked. We'll ask the doc-maker about that.

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