Rick Mercer Report (HD)

Rick Mercer Report (HD)

Rick Mercer, Canada's number one political satirist, returns in September for a record-breaking 15th season of THE RICK MERCER REPORT. Rick's weekly helping of topical satire, funny takes on the week's top stories and Canada-wide adventures have made his show a long running audience favourite.

Last season Rick was in Haida Gwaii checking out ancient totem poles, he took an icy polar plunge in Edmonton, went paragliding in Revelstoke, BC, and learned how to care and feed seals in Montreal. His pal Jann Arden joined him for 'human curling' in Calgary, he learned how to tie a turban in Toronto, was in Inuvik for the Sunrise Festival and co-piloted a gyroplane over Southern Ontario. In the season finale he visited the winning schools in the Mercer Report's annual Spread the Net Student Challenge. And that's just a sampling of Rick's itinerary!

Rick will be back on the road for more cross-country exploits and learning experiences in the 2017-2018 season.

Returning again, is one of the most popular features in every show--- Rick's rant where he expounds on anything that might be on his mind.

Also back are regular segments that have made RMR a perennial hit, including the creative Photo Challenge, cheeky RMR parodies of TV commercials and political messages, and RMR's weekly target practice on newsmakers, The Front Page.

The new season of THE RICK MERCER REPORT is guaranteed to keep audiences delighted.





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