Saturday December 16, 2017EST

CBC Television

12:00 AM
CBC Music First Play Live (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 12
Wolf Parade plays tracks off their new album “Cr, Cry, Cry” in an exclusive concert for CBC Music.
12:30 AM
CBC Arts: Exhibitionists (HD) - Series 3 - Eps 11 - Diaspora
From epic martial-arts battles to reviving Philippines style, the challenges of staying connected to your homeland.
1:00 AM
Rick Mercer Report (HD) - Series 11 - Eps 3
Tonight Rick goes sky high at the Canadian Hot Air Balloon Championships in High River, Alberta and then heads to Kingston, Ontario to join the Ontario Tree Climbing Championships.
1:30 AM
Just For Laughs Gags (HD) (DV)
A camera, some clever practical jokes and a few unsuspecting "victims," and you've got Just For Laughs Gags.
2:00 AM
The National (HD)
CBC's flagship newscast, featuring depth and context from the CBC's bureaus across the country and around the world.
3:00 AM
On the Money with Peter Armstrong (HD)
Inside the world of business: thought-provoking insights into the financial stories that matter, with Peter Armstrong.
4:00 AM
Rick Mercer Report (HD) - Series 11 - Eps 3
Tonight Rick goes sky high at the Canadian Hot Air Balloon Championships in High River, Alberta and then heads to Kingston, Ontario to join the Ontario Tree Climbing Championships.
4:30 AM
22 Minutes (HD) - Series 20 - Eps 3
Mary Walsh returns as one of her beloved characters to weigh-in on the Rona Ambrose controversy; Rex Murphy (Mark Critch) gets worked up about Justin Trudeau's Liberal leadership intentions; suspicion sprouts over effects of genetically modified grains.
5:00 AM
The Goods (HD) - Series 2 - Eps 57
Steven adds some spark to holiday entryway decor, and Jillian Harris adds elegance to last minute gift wrapping. Plus, office party fashion do's and don'ts.
6:00 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 19 - Thump! / Squirrelled Away
Thump! - The Cat takes Nick and Sally to meet his friend Twitch the rabbit. Twitch and her bunnies teach Nick and Sally how to stop, look and listen for danger. / Squirrelled Away - Cat offers to take the kids to meet his friend Bucky the squirrel who is good at both hiding and finding things! Nick and Sally learn how to use landmarks to help them remember where they put things.
6:30 AM
Super Why! (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 19 - Little Bo Peep
Whyatt can't find Mister Lizard anywhere.
7:00 AM
You & Me (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 3 - Mailbox Openers
JP and Betty have mail that needs to go out for delivery but Mailbox won't open his mouth! You and JP need to find a way to get his mouth open so the mail can go in.
7:15 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 19 - Sharing at the Library / Daniel Shares with Margaret
Sharing at the Library - Daniel is at the library to check out a new book. Just as he spots the book he wants, O the Owl reaches for the same one! / Daniel Shares with Margaret - Daniel gets a special sticker book, but Margaret wants to play with the stickers too.
7:45 AM
Artzooka! (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 6
Jeremie makes a fishbowl art piece out of a plastic container and tissue paper, creates an incredible northern lights image, and then makes a pig out of plastic bags and packing tape!
8:15 AM
Lazoo (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 11A - Blue Egg
Miku finds a little blue egg in the park. She names it Bluebell and wants to keep it as her own. Zargatron reminds her that Bluebell belongs to someone else so they begin looking for her parents.
8:30 AM
The Adventures of Napkin Man! (HD) (DV) - Series 3 - Eps 47 - Sparky the Dragon
When Sage and Trevor are mad and frustrated at a friend who won't play nice it reminds Mister Anthony about the time Napkin Man helped two brave knights named Sir Gallant and Lady Gwen tame a wild dragon.
8:45 AM
PJ Masks (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 37 - Supersonic Owlette
Romeo sneaks into PJ Masks' headquarters and discovers its super-secret rocket ship ability. The PJ Masks need to stop Romeo from blasting off, but Owlette's reliance on her computer tablet to save the day instead of her own skills gets them into trouble.
9:00 AM
Arthur (HD) (DV) - Series 18 - Eps 4B - The Tardy Tumbler
Prunella's excited about making the gymnastics team...until she realizes practice starts at 6am! Will she honor her commitment...or hit the snooze button?
9:15 AM
Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 2A - Watermelon Oasis
Deep in the dry toast desert, Explorers Ollie, Poppy and Nummy search for the Lost Pyramids, with the help of some watermelon.
9:30 AM
Wandering Wenda (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 13 - The Mystery of the Missing Magical Muffins
Our mighty heroes are in Morocco where a mysterious masked magician makes off with Martin the Magnificent's magical muffins!
9:45 AM
Dot (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 10 - A Dog's Best Friend
Wanting to give Scratch his own best-dog, Dot builds him a robot companion before realizing that she's Scratch's best dog.
10:00 AM
Chirp (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 8 - A River Leaks Through It
River Explorers Chirp, Tweet and Squawk ride the rapids, where they use corks to both plug a hole in their boat and surf to safety after going over a waterfall.
10:12 AM
Will's Jams (HD) - Series 3 - Eps 1 - Ella's Umbrella (DV)
A tribute to the 1950's musical, "Singing in the Rain," Will and a little girl named Ella sing and dance their way through the song with fun, comical choreography in the rainy streets.
10:15 AM
Bookaboo (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 5 - Sheila McCarthy
Bookaboo, the Rock Puppy is joined by the Canadian actress, Sheila McCarthy who reads Walter and the No-need-to-worry Suit.
10:30 AM
The Moblees (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 15 - Marching Mystery
When an invitation arrives from a mysterious group, the Moblees and Moblees at home get into Moblee motion to follow a fun set of clues to uncover the group's identity.
10:45 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 20 - Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday / Daniel's Happy Song
Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday - Daniel heads to the castle for Prince Wednesday's birthday party, and feels happy to be with his friends, play games, and eat birthday cake. / Daniel's Happy Song - Daniel teaches his friends his happy song - and they all sing along!
11:15 AM
The Adventures of Napkin Man! (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 9 - Pony Express
When Suki is sad because her friend Mary has moved away, Mister Anthony tells her a Napkin Man story about the time Napkin Man helped cowgirl Betsy and cowgirl Jane stay in touch after Jane moves away.
11:30 AM
Ride or Wrong (HD) (DV)
Unsuspecting contestants answer quiz show questions while riding some of the fastest and tallest amusement park rides.
11:33 AM
Ruby Skye P.I. (HD) - Series 3 - Eps 11 - A New Mystery (DV)
Ruby and Diana make up and resolve to be friends. Hailey is lost without Pixel. But Ruby has something to cheer her up.
11:38 AM
The Studio K Show (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 13 - Studio K - The Musical
Make up Monster can't figure out what to do for the Grand Finale for this very special musical episode of the Studio K show. Will Make up Monster find the courage to step up into the spotlight?
12:00 PM
Our Ottawa (HD)
The stories and people that our city is talking about - every week on CBC's Our Ottawa with Adrian Harewood.
1:00 PM
CBC Sports: Best of 10 (HD)
A countdown of some of the greatest moments in Canadian high performance sports.
1:30 PM
CBC Sports: Championship Show Jumping: Spruce Meadows - Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping - Geneva (HD)
Spruce Meadows show jumping from Geneva, Switzerland.
3:00 PM
CBC Sports: Alpine World Cup - Men's Downhill Val Gardena & Women's Super G Val d'Isere (HD)
Road to the Olympics featuring downhill alpine skiing from Val Gardena and Val d'Isere.
4:00 PM
CBC Sports: IBSF World Cup Bobsleigh & Skeleton - Igls (HD)
Road to the Olympics featuring bobsleigh and skeleton from Igls, Austria.
5:00 PM
CBC Sports: Snowboard World Cup: PSL - Cortina (HD)
Road to the Olympics featuring snowboarding from Cortina, Italy.
6:00 PM
CBC News Saturday (HD)
Coverage of the latest news and weather with host Marivel Taruc.
6:30 PM
Hockey Central Saturday (HD)
News and analysis previewing upcoming NHL action.
7:00 PM
HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (HD) - Montreal @ Ottawa
Montreal @ Ottawa(Live Full Network) (HD where available)
10:00 PM
HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (HD) - Nashville @ Calgary
Nashville @ Calgary (Live Full Network)(HD where available)

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