Host Request

Thank you for your interest in requesting a CBC host for your community event. To assist the Communications Department in assessing your request, please complete this form at least 30 days prior to your event date.

Event Contact Information

Host Request

Event Details

Please describe the general make-up of the audience (age range, special interests, numbers expected.) Is it ticketed, open to the public, invitation only, etc.?

Host photo in event program
Host photo on event website
Host bio in event program
CBC logo in event program/publicity
CBC logo on event website

Introduction of keynote speakers, including biographical information? Are there co-MC(s)? If so, who? Is there audience interaction? Does the host/MC moderate a discussion? (ie: moderator, auctioneer, host, emcee, etc.). Welcome and introduction? Wrap up?

(Paid media, posters, e-mail blasts, newsletters, internet site, upcoming events and meetings, other?)

Notes for requestors:

  • Hosts cannot sell tickets
  • A host booking does not mean PSA time
  • The organization should make every effort to mention the CBC host in any promotional material including media releases, websites, newsletters, etc.

CBC will supply to accepted events:

  • Updated photo and bio of host, if requested
  • A short informational blurb to be used in mail-outs/e-newsletters
  • Correct logo for usage on print materials and on websites
  • A pop-up banner and ancillary CBC informational handouts, when appropriate. Banner and information will be sent to primary contact, which will arrange for appropriate display. Banner will be returned to CBC by primary contact.

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