The official Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in the U.K. used a screenshot from the video game Command & Conquer: Generals as an "illustration" for chemical weapons in a post Thursday about Syrian extremists. 

The tweet was roundly mocked, with users responding with screencaps and GIFs from other video games 

In response to all the fun being had at its expense, the embassy invited people to read the disclaimer on the screenshot: "Image used for illustration purposes only." 

This wasn't the first time the account for the U.K.'s Russian Embassy has used an image of dubious origin. This tweet was also posted Thursday. 

The image of zombie Nazis is (obviously) not real and is a promotional photo from the Norwegian horror movie Dead Snow

On a more serious note, the account posted this photo on Tuesday in a tweet referencing a Russian Ministry of Defence statement that "armed combatants and ammo keep coming to Syria via Turkey." 

The photo is from the Facebook account of the Egyptian army and shows a weapons cache seized from ISIS-linked jihadists in the Sinai Peninsula in 2015.