Wheelchair stolen from 10-year-old with cerebral palsy

A child's wheelchair was stolen from a patio on Bloomfield Road.

Jacob Chase needs his wheelchair to go to summer camp

Jacob Chase, 10, is without a wheelchair after it was stolen Wednesday. (Kaitie Fraser CBC News)

When 10-year-old Jacob Chase came home from camp Wednesday he never expected his wheelchair would be stolen in broad daylight from the patio of the town home where he lives.

He came home for lunch at around noon. When he left to return to camp a while later, the wheelchair wasn't there anymore.

"As soon as I open the door — gone!," Chase said. "I've been looking for my wheelchair all day!"

His mother is a single mother of four who just moved back to Windsor from Calgary. She can't understand why anyone would do something like this.

"It kinda sucks. I wish people would keep their hands off of other people's stuff. Kind of not want to live in the neighbourhood anymore," said Shana Chase.

Shana Chase says her son may not be able to attend summer camp until his wheelchair is replaced. (Kaitie Fraser)

The wheelchair was specially made for children. It was on loan from the John McGivney Centre temporarily until Jacob receives a custom-made wheelchair, which the family has ordered. He needs it because he can't walk long distances.

The centre's staff said it could take a week to replace a loaned wheelchair.

Until then, Chase's mother isn't sure if her son will be able to attend camp. It depends on the intensity of any physical activity they may do at the camp.

"I want it back," Chase said.

Police are investigating and encourage anyone with information to call them or Crime Stoppers at (519) 258-TIPS.

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