Winter is here and nothing makes waiting for the bus less fun than waiting in the cold.

Some residents feel having shelters at bus stops makes the cold a little easier to take.

"It's always cold out, there's no shelters ever," said Patsy Rummerfield, while waiting for the bus at a stop without a shelter. She takes the bus all year long and would like to see more shelters put in, but doesn't believe it's something the city would do.

The City of Thunder Bay Transit is renovating 27 stops to make them more accessible and to put nine shelters in. The city has over 800 bus stops and 134 of them are sheltered.

The first two heated shelters will be put into City Hall transfer hub this spring, but there are no plans to add heated shelters to the rest of the city.

"I think we would really want heated bus shelters because firstly the bus comes late and sometimes they even cancel the bus," said Luiza Lobo. She took the bus to a specific stop so she could wait for her bus in a shelter.

The renovations to the stops are part of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund. The city is also getting six new conventional buses and and six new specialized buses coming at the end of the month. Another set will come in the spring.

The city decides to add new shelters by looking at the rider-ship of each stop and deciding if it is feasible to become a candidate for a shelter, according to Dana Earle, supervisor of customer care and administrative services for Thunder Bay transit.