700 customers in Sudbury still without power after powerful storm

Work continues to restore power to 700 customers in Sudbury after a storm on Monday.

Storm knocked out power to 4,000 homes initially

Many trees and hydro lines were knocked down during a storm on Monday in Sudbury. (Guy Chamberland/Supplied)

Work continues to restore power to 700 customers in Sudbury after a storm on Monday.

City staff say cleaning up all the downed trees and power lines in the hardest hit areas in New Sudbury could take days, or even weeks.

On Monday, a powerful storm swept through Sudbury. Environment Canada says the system is classified as a microburst or straight line wind damage.

Despite the massive damage, there have been no serious injuries reported.

Greater Sudbury's chief of fire and emergency services, Joseph Nicholls, says the 911 service was flooded with nearly 60 calls after the storm.

"For four-and-a-half hours, they were just going call to call to call," he said.

"So we were seeing downed power lines, downed trees, people trapped in elevators, pole fires, electrical wires over vehicles with people trapped in them, so it was a very dangerous scenario."

Vehicles and houses were damaged due to the storm, but the city says no one was injured. (Supplied/Matthew Girard)

Greater Sudbury Hydro says it's working to restore power to all clients and will continue to provide updates.

One problematic area is the intersection of Lasalle and Arthur Street.

Wendy Watson, the director of communications with Sudbury Hydro, says four 20-metre poles at that intersection broke and fell. A nearby business posted a video that showed a fire shortly after.

"We have 44,000 volts of power at the very top of those poles," she said.

"We have to replace those poles and restring that line."

Watson says the utility asks people stay away from the area so crews can do repairs.

"The more interference by traffic or spectators, the longer it's going to take us to get the power back on."

A map, provided by the City of Greater Sudbury, on the path and damage from the storm on Monday. Red dots indicate a pole fire, while yellow squares show trees and wires that came down. (Supplied/City of Greater Sudbury)

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