Add enforcement officers to downtown transit terminal recommends city staff

Downtown Sudbury's bus terminal may be getting some beefed up security. City staff is recommending hiring two more enforcement officers to patrol the area. That would bring the total number of officers to four, as two security guards currently watch over the building.

Proposal would see municipal law enforcement officers ride buses, patrol terminal, respond to incidents

City staff proposed adding two enforcement officers to the Greater Sudbury Transit terminal downtown, to respond to incidents like this April 2018 concern where a knife-wielding man threatening staff. (Sophie Houle-Drapeau/Radio-Canada)

Downtown Sudbury's bus terminal could be getting some extra security.

City staff is recommending hiring two more enforcement officers to patrol the site, which would bring the total number of officers to four. Two security guards currently watch over the terminal.

The additional staff proposed would be municipal law enforcement officers, not security guards, says Sudbury's head of bylaws and security, Brendan Adair.
Brendan Adair is the head of bylaws and security for the City of Greater Sudbury. (Casey Stranges/CBC)

He adds the terminal's security guards currently have a tough task.

"Every day kind of disruptions, whether it be loitering or there's been physical altercations and it's been challenging for one person to handle."

Adair admits the bus terminal's image is tough to shake.

"We understand that the transit is somewhat of a hang-around. We want to manage that a little bit better just to make sure it is perceived safe for those that come there, and people can walk through without disruptions," he said.

The two new proposed municipal law enforcement officers would be on site at all times.

"To provide that service to riders to make it safer, as well as to make the building safer for staff and for security that are doing the job."

Enforcement on bus, at terminal

Adair explains what the proposed staffing additions would do.

"[Enforcement officers] ride the bus proactively to provide education and enforcement, respond to incidents, and remove concerns from the bus, and at the end of the day, make it safe for riders and operators."

The plan would add about $86,000 to the city's payroll.

"Our first step within our current contract is to have two security guards on site. Our next step will be to make recommendations to council on enhanced services, in both the terminal and on buses."

The recommendation to hire the municipal law enforcement officers still needs to be approved by city council.

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