Mild temperatures, melting snow and about 40 millimetres of rain in western P.E.I. over the weekend led to several floods and road closures in the region.

Water levels at the dam in Glenwood, P.E.I., on the Big Pierre Jacques River, were about two metres higher than normal on Saturday. Water flooded neighbouring properties, said the co-ordinator for the West Point and Area Watershed Association, Elton Ellis.

Monday, water levels appeared to be back to normal.

The group recently installed a small bridge down river from the dam, Ellis said, which he hasn't yet had a chance to check on — he hopes it withstood the flood. 

There was also major flooding at Bloomfield Provincial Park over the weekend, which made for icy conditions around the park Monday after temperatures cooled.  P.E.I.'s Tourism department plans to have staff survey the area this week, a spokesperson said. 

Historic mill holds up

There was flooding at historic Leard's Mill in Coleman, P.E.I., over the weekend. Water rose to just below the floor of the building, said Justin Rogers, a member of the mills restoration committee, but it held up well because of a new foundation that was put in last year. Piers on footings allowed the water to flow through safely.

Had last year's work not been done, Rogers believes the building might have been entirely swept away. 

Roads on the Island fared very well in the storm compared to the rest of the Atlantic region, according to to P.E.I.'s Department of Transportation.

There were two road wash outs — the Harts Gravel Road and the Butcher Road — both of which have already been repaired. There was also some minor erosion of road shoulders in some areas.

Flooding on the Center Line Road closed the road for part of the day Saturday and officials believe it may have been caused by an ice jam. There was no major damage once waters receded. 

With files from Brittany Spencer