There are moments that change us.

A time we overcame rejection. Experienced loss. Changed jobs. Let go.

In a one-of-a kind musical storytelling experience, All in a Day host Alan Neal visited venues across Ottawa as part of #CBCPOPUP to ask the question: What is a moment that changed your life?

A beautiful mix of stories and experiences were captured and are now available on the CBC podcast, One Question.

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One Question: Episode 1 

What is a moment that changed your life? Participants at Bar Robo answer Alan's question with stories that include an escape to Canada by boat, giving a child up for adoption, terrifying stomach surgery, and the end of a marriage.

One Question: Episode 2

More tales of life-changing moments. This episode features a head-on confrontation with a moose, a stroke, and a connection to model Anna Nicole Smith.

One Question: Episode 3

Hear life-altering moments about a night in detox, a battle with Spiderman, and one politician's decision to go-public about her struggle with depression. All recorded at Ottawa's Black Squirrel Books.

One Question: Episode 4

Our Black Squirrel Books episode continues with three stories about mothers: a journey with mom, a terrifying childhood memory, and saying goodbye to a mother at the end of her life.

One Question: Episode 5

Answering the question, "What is a moment that changed your life?" participants share tales of being struck by lightning, aortic valve surgery, escaping bullies, and a body torn apart on the train tracks.

One Question: Episode 6

Find out how an eviction notice, a fight with a passive-aggressive partner, and flesh-eating disease changed the lives of people featured in this episode, recorded at Ottawa's Stomping Ground.

One Question: Episode 7

Our bonus episode features the music performed at all our One Question recordings. Plus, Jenn Grant, The Acorn, The Split, Kimberly Sunstrum, Silla & Rise, and Malak share their own life-changing moments.