A Sydney, N.S., man who made a public appeal for help locating thousands of dollars in stolen war memorabilia, heirloom jewelry and vintage photographs says most of the items have now been returned.

The items were taken early Sunday morning from the empty home of J.P. MacDonald, who died in November.

MacDonald's son-in-law, Steve Wadden, mounted a Facebook campaign and spoke to media outlets earlier this week in the hope of recovering what he described as his wife's family heritage.

On Thursday, Wadden reported on his Facebook page that some of the items had been recovered.

"From all of the family … we are forever grateful that these items are back where they belong — forever grateful for family and good friends," he said in the Facebook post.

Wadden said he would not comment on how the items were recovered, adding the family would not be following up with police or pursuing criminal charges. He said some jewelry, photographs and medals are still missing.

"To those responsible, it is in your best interest to do everything in your power to locate and return the remaining items as soon as possible," he said in the post.

Stolen medal

A First World War medal that was stolen. (Submitted by Steve Wadden)