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Nunavut's housing corp. asks industry for help with housing crisis

The Nunavut Housing Corporation is taking an Iqaluit trade show as an opportunity to make a plea to industry, asking them to get involved in helping fix the territory's housing crisis.

Iqaluit residents to get 3 times faster internet access in October

Iqaluit will be the first to get access to Northwestel's new high-speed broadband satellite with all Nunavut communities expected to get access in 2019

Local artist showcases Nunavut-inspired art at Iqaluit museum

Janet Ripley Armstrong works primarily in watercolour, but has been experimenting with monoprints to capture the scenes she sees around Iqaluit and beyond.

See how hot Canadian cities are becoming

A researcher has created a new way to chart Earth's warming temperatures, one that he believes paints a clearer picture of a changing climate.

Colonialism's impact pervasive and ongoing, experts say, as MMIWG inquiry leaves Iqaluit

As the federal inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls leaves Iqaluit, commissioners and attendees were left with plenty to consider regarding colonialism, and how it has served to create a country where Indigenous women and girls are left vulnerable.

Hundreds of century-old photos of Inuit travelling the North

Between 1903 and 1909, a police officer and his wife took more than 1,000 photos of Inuit and their way of life in Fullerton Harbour, Nunavut, and Churchill, Man.

Feds to spend $117M for Churchill railway sale, repairs

The federal government is spending $117 million to help facilitate the deal to sell and begin repairs to the flood-damaged rail line to Churchill.

'Time's up': Powerful words from MMIWG commissioner close out Iqaluit hearing

"There is no longer any reason to demand that Indigenous people justify to the state their legitimacy," said Qajaq Robinson, who is from Nunavut. "Time's up."

At least 23 confirmed cases of salmonella illness from raw chicken in N.B.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed that 419 cases of salmonella cases are confirmed and 23 of those are in New Brunswick.

Boil water advisory issued for Rankin Inlet

A news release from the department on Thursday said it's a precautionary measure due to planned maintenance of the hamlet's water holding tank.

'Fumes event' forced British Airways flight to divert to Iqaluit, pilot says

Flight 103 was en route to Calgary from London on Wednesday night when it diverted to Iqaluit.

Resource development, gas supply top of mind in Inuvik for senatorial visit

'One of the big issues in the North is people from Ottawa always making decisions [for] the North and then never really consulting with the people of the North,' says Inuvik mayor.

British Airways flight from England to Calgary diverted to Iqaluit

A British Airways flight from London, U.K., to Calgary was diverted to Iqaluit Airport Wednesday night, with the company saying the flight was diverted due to a "technical fault" with the aircraft.

Indigenous LGBTQ people face visibility issues, major service gaps, MMIWG inquiry hears

A glaring gap in supports for LGBTQ and two-spirit Indigenous people is putting them at risk of harm, commissioners heard at the third day of hearings for the federal inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Iqaluit.

2 injured in Iqaluit shack fire, 1 hospitalized

It took the fire department more than two hours to extinguish the fire behind Building 2736.

School's in: New Cape Dorset high school opens 1 year ahead of schedule

The community's school burned to the ground in 2015. The new Peter Pitseolak High School in Cape Dorset opened its doors to the delight of the community.

Day 3 of MMIWG inquiry in Iqaluit

Indigenous health and wellbeing are topics that will continue to be heard Wednesday at the third day of hearings in the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Iqaluit.

Support early in life key to Indigenous well-being, MMIWG inquiry hears in Iqaluit

The importance of health and well-being in early life for Indigenous people were highlighted Tuesday afternoon at the federal inquiry for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, as four days of hearings in Iqaluit reached their halfway point.

Calgary scientists find whaling ship remains sticking out of sand after 116 years

Two Calgary researchers have uncovered the remains of a Scottish whaling ship that crashed on a reef on the east coast of Baffin Island 116 years ago.

Loss of Inuit culture highlighted at MMIWG inquiry in Iqaluit

Inuit life, culture and healing dominated discussion on the first day of hearings in Iqaluit for the federal inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, as a trio of panellists outlined the impacts of colonialism and efforts to regain lost culture.

Systemic issues take centre stage at MMIWG inquiry in Iqaluit

The national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls has touched down in Iqaluit, where commissioners will hear from knowledge keepers and experts on the topic of colonial violence.

What is trauma-informed justice? Yellowknife lawyer says more people need to know about it

Lawyer Peter Harte says all of his clients in the criminal justice system should be treated differently because of their past trauma, but that isn't happening. At an event Monday, Harte hopes to raise more awareness about this trauma-informed justice.

Northern territories had highest crime rates, severity in Canada in 2017

A Statistics Canada report indicates N.W.T., Nunavut and the Yukon had the highest police-reported crime rate and crime severity index in Canada in 2017.

Grounded cruise ship rescue in Nunavut cost Canada's Armed Forces $513K

It cost $513,025.44 for the Canadian Armed Forces' efforts to help 162 passengers and crew on the Akademik Ioffe, a ship carrying tourists and researchers that hit a rock late this summer, according to a Forces spokesperson.

Iced-in cargo ship makes it to Resolute Bay after 4 day delay

An unusual amount of ice and a swamped coast guard made shipping in the Arctic more difficult this year.

Report on children's well-being highlights dire conditions for some in the North

A new report shows Nunavut continues to have the highest rate of infant mortality in the country, although that number has dropped slightly in recent years.

Fog, ice and a sinking sailboat involved in 16th Arctic-based emergency of the year

The men became trapped in the ice and their vessel began to sink. They activated their emergency radio beacon and abandoned the sailboat.

B.C. short 250 teachers as new school year begins

Government has yet to implement the key recommendation made by a task force around creating a recruitment and retention fund to attract more teachers to the province.

In 1st year, Iqaluit store sells 1.9 million beers, 190,000 bottles of wine

The store was opened as part of a strategy to reduce the harm of alcohol consumption, especially of spirits, by making lower-alcohol beer and wine more accessible.

Life north of 80: Meet the people living at the top of the world

The weather and intelligence station is home to fewer than 200 people, all of whom have been sent their as part of their jobs, whether they’re members of the Armed Forces, civilian contractors or Environment Canada employees.

Atlas of Canada created by Indigenous people coming soon

The Indigenous Peoples Map of Canada shows the country without provincial or territorial boundaries.

Railway to Churchill, Man., sold — repairs to begin 'immediately'

Repairs on a vital rail link to northern Manitoba are set to begin immediately, the federal government said Friday, following a deal to sell the flood-damaged line leading to the remote town of Churchill.

Gjoa Haven festival commemorates finding of Erebus and Terror

'We're having a chance to learn throat signing, try drum dancing and singing, to have Inuit tattoos and to really celebrate Inuit culture.'

Carol Brice-Bennett was 'a voice for the people': Nunatsiavut culture minister

The anthropologist, whose work with the Labrador Inuit helped lead to the Nunatsiavut land claim, died last week in Montreal.

'I quickly sank in': Iqaluit residents struggle with mud, water at Apex cemetery

'I dread going over because if my mother's grave is either flooded or muddy or anything of that state, I will feel guilty for having her buried over there,' said Kalapik Korgak.

Treaty banning dangerous chemicals helped Arctic wildlife, study shows

The Stockholm Convention, signed by 152 countries, aims to eradicate use of pollutants such as PCBs and DDT.

Coast Guard rescues 2 passengers of sinking sailboat stranded on ice floe

'No injuries to the passengers have been reported, and they are in excellent condition,' says a Coast Guard spokesperson.

Iqaluit to get reverse osmosis system as backup for water emergency

Iqaluit is prepared to spend $566,000 on an emergency backup plan, but there's a risk it may never be used, says a city director.

Survivor recalls deadly encounter with polar bears

A Nunavut hunter who survived a polar bear attack that killed one of his friends last week says the encounter started when a mother bear and her cub approached their camp.

'No panic' as cruise ship ran aground in Nunavut, says St. John's biologist

Holly Hogan was one of the passengers on the Akademik Ioffe when it ran aground in Nunavut Friday.

Prime minister directs new northern minister to update, expand Nutrition North program

Minister Dominic LeBlanc received his mandate on Tuesday, with a list of 11 priorities, including the northern food subsidy program.

Nunavut offender who fatally stabbed man in the heart getting released from prison

Pauloosie Padluq is under conditions not to consume drugs or alcohol, he must report relationships with women, avoid girls under the age of 18, and have no contact with the family of his victim.

Some Iqaluit residents won't lose water for as long as they thought

The city says it was able to work with the contractor to lessen the amount of time it will take to connect Joamie Court to the main water system.

Nunavut hunter killed by polar bear and cub

A man from Nunavut has been killed in a polar bear attack, according to local RCMP. A polar bear mother and cub were destroyed at the scene.

Investigators, experts ask questions after ship grounded in Arctic

Investigators are on their way to Kugaaruk, Nunavut, after a passenger boat ran aground in the area.

Naujaat celebrates bowhead whale harvest

Despite windy conditions, the 16-metre whale was hunted within two hours of the sighting.

Nunavut daycares to get toys, books, posters in Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun

'It was important for children to see themself in the resources, in the storybooks and the posters. Things that educators up here cannot purchase,' said Inhabit Media's Neil Christopher.

Missing man found dead in Iqaluit pond

RCMP say the death appears to be accidental. The man was in Iqaluit for medical reasons.

Ahiarmiut and federal gov't reach $5M settlement for relocations

'It's not for me, it's for my late parents. It's for other Ahiarmiut that never had a chance to question anyone.'

Construction will cause water shut-off, boil-water advisories for half of Iqaluit

Construction will affect more than 2,000 residents Tuesday night with water shut-offs to six neighbourhoods for up to 36 hours. Affected areas include Happy Valley, Tundra Valley, Tundra Ridge, Lake Subdivision, Road to Nowhere and Lower Iqaluit.

'I feel really proud': Welding mentorship keeps Cambridge Bay teens out of trouble

Six teens are part of an ongoing mentorship program in Cambridge Bay, a community of about 1,800 on the Arctic Ocean. They're learning welding skills but are also spending time with mentors.

Conservatives pass resolution to keep 100% of northern resource royalties in 3 territories

Delegates at the Conservative Party’s national convention in Halifax on Saturday voted overwhelmingly in favour of adopting a policy that could see the three northern territories keep 100 per cent of their natural resource royalties.

Passenger ship that ran aground in Nunavut has been refloated, company says

A passenger ship that ran aground Friday morning in the Far North has been refloated, and all its passengers were safe and being cared for on another ship.

Passenger ship runs aground near Kugaaruk, Nunavut

Two Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers are en route to assist a passenger ship, with about 160 people on board, that ran aground near Kugaaruk, Nunavut, on Friday.

Boil water advisory lifted for Igloolik

The territory's department of health announced Friday afternoon that a boil water advisory for the Nunavut community has been lifted.

Canada Revenue Agency to open new offices in territorial capitals

Federal minister Diane Lebouthillier also pledges to consult public on regulatory changes to reduce the number of tax reviews done on northerners.

Canada's northernmost brewery opens today in Iqaluit

The Nunavut Brewing Company opens this afternoon in Iqaluit today, marking the first time all 13 provinces and territories have had a running brewery, and will serve four brews and supply snacks like charcuterie, pretzels and Arctic char.

Cape Dorset man in custody after shooting rifle near airport

RCMP in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, de-escalated a high risk incident involving a man holding a firearm and shooting it into the air near the airport on Tuesday.

Lawyer accused of bigamy, forgery suspended from practising in Nunavut

A noted lawyer in Nunavut and Ontario who’s accused of illegally marrying two women has been suspended from practising in both jurisdictions.

Gjoa Haven comes together after 6 community members die

'They were connected to everybody. It touches everyone when tragedy happens,' said Gjoa Haven's mayor. A crisis team and mental health workers are headed to support the Nunavut community.

Nunavut mine fined $100K for not filing environmental reports on time

Lupin Mines Inc., the owner of an inactive gold mine in Nunavut, has been fined for filing environmental reports three years late.

Bowhead whale not fully harvested, no community feast planned for Iqaluit

Some of the whale spoiled in the sun before the community could finish harvesting it. There will no longer be a community feast.

Nurse says she won't return to Nunavut after alleged break and enter

A nurse from Nova Scotia says she should've been warned about a man in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, who allegedly had prior charges, prior to going to the community to work.

Lawyer accused of marrying 2 women suspended from practising in Ontario

James Morton, a prominent lawyer in Nunavut and Ontario, has been temporarily suspended from practising in the southern province.

Nunavut youth attends Regina science camp for second year in a row

The First Nations University of Canada is hosting 55 aspiring scientists from across Canada this week. The 2018 National First Nations and Inuit Youth Science camp is running for the second year in a row.

Nunavut races to fill dozens of teaching spots as school year begins

A country-wide teacher shortage is affecting some Nunavut schools. The territory has 66 vacant teaching positions, and classes have already been postponed in at least one community.

Nunavut premier announces cabinet shuffle ahead of fall sitting

Two months into his role as the premier of Nunavut, Joe Savikataaq has announced a cabinet shuffle.

Northern defence upgrades part of plan to protect Canada's Arctic, Sajjan says

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s Northern tour didn’t come with any new spending announcements. Instead he talked up the importance of projects nearing completion, that he says will bolster Canada’s claim to Arctic sovereignty.

Liberals' plan to revamp resource approval process facing fight on two fronts

The Liberal government’s effort to rewrite the rules for approving major national resource projects in Canada is facing an increasingly tough battle as opposition to the changes strengthens on two distinct fronts.

Newest northern affairs minister meets territorial premiers to hear top priorities

Dominic LeBlanc, Canada’s newest minister responsible for the North, says he is coming into the role with an “open mind and an attentive ear.”

Your North: Best reader photos for the weeks of July 23, 30, Aug. 6, 13

It's been a few weeks since our last gallery, so we're catching up with a super-sized edition: four weeks of your best photos from across the North.

Maud finally makes it home, 100 years after setting sail from Norway

One hundred years after a wooden ship set sail from Norway with the hopes of reaching the North Pole, the vessel has finally returned to its country of origin.

Watch 2 divers throat singing while snorkeling in the Arctic Ocean

The two women from Iqaluit were part of an expedition that held clinics in two Arctic communities to raise awareness about ocean science.

Explosions rattle Iqaluit as rock blasting continues to make space for deep sea port

Explosions that have been rattling windows and startling Iqaluit residents almost daily since the beginning of August are expected to continue into November as Tower Arctic Ltd. blasts rock to clear space for the city’s deep sea port.

National Geographic says it 'went too far' with emaciated polar bear video

One year after a controversial video that linked an emaciated polar bear to climate change, National Geographic has published an article on what went wrong.

'I'm surprised I'm still here': Hunter OK after bowhead whale strikes him off boat

Nunavummiut are still telling stories of the bowhead whale hunt outside of Iqaluit, including one about Brandon Oolayou, a young hunter who was hit by the whale.

Somebody broke into Kugluktuk's power plant and shut off the electricity

'Culprits had gained entry through a window,' states a release from RCMP. 'Once they gained entry to the power plant, they then turned off all the breakers.'

'I'm honoured and humbled': Natan Obed re-elected as president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

The vote was held Thursday morning in Inuvik, N.W.T. The position of president is a three-year term.

Race against time: Engineers use Apex River to refill Iqaluit's water supply before freeze up

The plan is to pump eight million litres of water a day — the equivalent of about three Olympic-sized swimming pools — for the next 60 days.

'The adrenaline is still going:' Excitement lingers after Iqaluit bowhead hunt

First-time hunter Koovian Flanagan is still shaking with excitement on Long Island, as she fills bags with food to share.

Sask. and Ont. rail against Bill C-69 after energy and mines ministers conference

The Saskatchewan and Ontario governments were the only two not to sign a statement released earlier this week after a conference of energy and mines ministers in Nunavut earlier this week.

Iqaluit city council approves final ingredient for Nunavut Brewing Company — water

The Nunavut Brewing Company and other Iqaluit businesses will be getting water after weeks of controversy over whether the city would be able to deliver it.

Canada needs to focus on infrastructure in the North, Nunavut tells ministers' conference

Canada says it wants to increase mining and development in the North and Nunavut is calling for better infrastructure to make it happen.

First Air says it followed boarding rules after flying passenger nearly 2,300 km in wrong direction

A northern airline that flew a Winnipeg man to Iqaluit instead of Inuvik says it followed all of its protocols to ensure passengers board the correct flight.

7 years in the making: Iqaluit hunters celebrate successful bowhead whale harvest

The community of Iqaluit is celebrating a major milestone — and preparing to fill their freezers — after a bowhead whale was successfully hunted near the community on Tuesday afternoon.

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami in Inuvik for presidential election

Members of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami are in Inuvik this week, preparing for its annual general meeting and presidential election.

2 men killed in ATV rollover near Gjoa Haven

Two men are dead after an all terrain vehicle rolled over near Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, on Saturday.

Nunavut youth are getting out on the land thanks to help from Ayalik Fund

Twenty-two youth from across Nunavut are going on unforgettable outdoor adventures this summer thanks to support from the Ayalik Fund, which aims to support Inuit youth as they go through adolescence in the North.

Women at Iqaluit homeless shelters say non-Inuit staff are culturally insensitive

The organization responsible for two women’s shelters in Iqaluit says it’s addressing concerns from clients, who say non-Inuit staff are culturally insensitive.

Paddlers embraced by elders after 35-day canoe trip from Yellowknife to Nunavut

As Frank Wolf and Ryan Bougie reached the finish line of their 1,800-kilometre canoe trip from Yellowknife to Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, they were greeted with a pleasant surprise — a kind, elderly couple camping out on the land.

Case of the deadly walrus: Churchill Mountie only officer killed on duty by wild animal

Being an RCMP officer is a dangerous line of work, fraught with unpredictable situations including armed criminals, drug smugglers, harsh environments, high-speed chases and angry … walruses?

Art project that ponders the worth of a book nets Dawson City student $7,500

An artist who studied in Dawson City has been recognized for transforming some "trash" into art, after he made something new out of old books.

30-year-old man arrested after making lewd comments, trying to break into woman's home

Billy Arnakallak is charged with one count of attempting to break and enter after he tried to force himself into a woman's home in Pond Inlet, Nunavut.

Iqaluit residents speak out on trucked water, sewage services

The public gallery at Iqaluit city hall was packed for Thursday night's public consultation on a bylaw that governs the city’s water supply and sewer service.

Jack Sigvaldason, publisher of 6 Northern newspapers, dies at 84

'It's a huge loss, as a friend and an inspiration,' said Bruce Valpy, editor and CEO of NNSL.

Beluga backlash: Inuk father faces critics after sharing photo of whale harvest

Albert Netser says he's received backlash from people who don't understand life in the North after posting a photo on Twitter expressing pride over his son's first beluga whale harvest.

Air Inuit passengers kept at airport for 4 hours following false bomb threat

Air Inuit passengers were kept at the Puvirnituq and Inukjuak airports for several hours on Wednesday after a false bomb threat was made from a detention centre in Saint-Jérôme, Que.

Fishermen find ID of man missing in Iqaluit for 2 years

Lucassie Etungat was last seen on June 29, 2016 in Iqaluit. On July 12, fishermen found his ID and a jacket on Long Island in Koojesse Inlet.

Iqaluit wants to pump water from Apex River as stopgap to water crisis

The city of Iqaluit says it needs to draw water from the Apex River to avoid a water shortage expected next spring.

N.W.T. students voyage across Arctic Ocean to discover importance of the North

Students from around the world are voyaging from Greenland through the eastern Canadian Arctic, learning about the North and visiting remote communities throughout the region.,,,,,,,,,,