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More than 100 people attend Inuvik, N.W.T.'s first Pride parade

It may have been -24 C in Inuvik on Saturday, but that didn’t stop more than 100 people from taking to the streets in celebration of the community’s first Pride parade.

Cannabis and your community: Pot law committee to make whirlwind N.W.T. tour

Community consultations on the territory’s new marijuana legislation will kick off next week, the government announced on Friday.

Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. residents preparing for expected influx of thousands of tourists this summer

Six new businesses have started up in the hamlet since the highway came in, and more are expected to open. There have been a few hundred extra tourists over the winter months.

Researchers team up with Northerners in hopes of creating more accurate forecasts for the North

University of Victoria researchers have been studying the weather in the Beaufort Delta for five years in the hopes of making more accurate predictions.

Elder visits his cabin after decades, says Jesus and Mary protected it from fire

Pierre Beaverho, an 89-year-old elder from Whati, N.W.T., got the birthday of his dreams this year.

CBC Northbeat April 19, 2018

CBC Northbeat brings you the latest news and weather from Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Northern Quebec.

Inuvik's homeless shelter temporarily moves after bedbug infestation

Christina Kasook says that the infestation is mainly in one room, but bedbugs have been found 'throughout the building.'

Police testify seeing bloody scene at Denecho King trial

Police said that the door was ajar when they arrived at the unit and saw John Wifladt and Colin Digness lying in the unit’s hallway.

'Ridiculous': Yellowknifers react to the Supreme Court ruling on importing alcohol

Supreme Court decision doesn’t sit well with residents of the capital city, thirsty for cheaper booze.

Missing man may have travelled to Alberta, say Hay River RCMP

Hay River RCMP are calling for anyone who may have picked up missing 34-year-old Junghwan (David) Park.

RCMP treating sudden death in Aklavik as suspicious

'There is no indication of any threat to the public in relation to this investigation,' RCMP said in an email.

Feds invest $94M to make it safer, faster to send goods to the North

The government of Canada is making a $94.3 million investment under the Oceans Protection Plan to help make transporting supplies to the North more efficient.

Witness testifies he heard Denecho King say he killed two people

Three more witnesses testified in 25-year-old Denecho King’s murder trial on Wednesday — one of whom says he heard King say he killed two people.

Respected N.W.T. missionary, promoter of Dene language and culture dies

Felicien Labat was “the last of the priests” that spoke her language and understood the region’s elders, said Lucy Jackson.

Record number of people book N.W.T. parks online on opening day

While snow still covers the ground, eager campers flocked to the N.W.T. Parks online reservation system in record numbers on opening day last Wednesday.,,,,,,,,,,