Woman facing murder trial in Fredericton shooting testifies against friend

The night Bobby Martin was fatally wounded in a Fredericton-area mobile home, Joe-Anna Hachey heard gunshots, then heard Martin yell he had been shot in the groin.

Joe-Anna Hachey tells court it was Evan Polchies who shot Bobby Martin

Evan Polchies, 31, and Joe-Anna Hachey, 23, were arrested last Jan. 29 near Woodstock and charged in the shooting death of Bobby Martin Jr. Hachey testified at Polchies's second-degree murder trial Wednesday. (RCMP)

Joe-Anna Hachey testified Wednesday it was Evan Polchies who fired the shots that killed Bobby Martin at a mobile home outside Fredericton last January. 

Hachey was testifying at Polchies's trial on second-degree murder in the death of Martin, who was shot in Lincoln early on Jan. 26 last year and died hours later. 

Hachey, who was arrested with Polchies three days later and had said on social media that she fired the shots, faces her own trial in April on second-degree murder.

On Wednesday, she said that on the night of Jan. 26, she and Polchies were hanging out in a friend's mobile home, drinking and doing drugs. The friend's two children were also in the house, which was in the Tamarack Estates area of Lincoln. 

At some point, their friend went out to buy cigarettes, and she and Polchies were left to watch the children, Hachey said.

In the early hours of the morning, Hachey said, she was scrolling through Facebook and came across a photo of Martin, who was 34 and also known as Robert John Smith.

Hachey sent the Fredericton man a message, asking him to deliver some cocaine, and then told Polchies they could rob him.

When Martin arrived at the home, Hachey said, she went to a back room where her friend's children were sleeping and decided to wait there.

Then she heard Bobby Martin shouting: "What the f--k, man?'"

This was followed by two gunshots, and Martin's shout that he had been shot in the groin.

Blood, knife on the floor

Hachey said she came out of the back room when she heard the door to the mobile home close.

She saw Polchies drive away in a truck, and she said Martin was gone from the home as well.

Blood and a large hunting knife were on the floor, she said.

When Polchies returned, he told her he'd shot Martin in the leg and told her to to clean up the blood on the floor, she said.

Later the couple found out Martin hadn't survived the gunshot wounds to his thigh and groin, Hachey said.

"When we found out that he had died, we kind of freaked out," she told the court.

She said she planned to take the blame for Polchies because she cared for him, she said.

"And I figured, I wouldn't get that bad of a hefty charge, than he would. Because he has a lengthy record, and I don't have a record."

Defence sees inconsistencies

During cross-examination, defence lawyer TJ Burke said there were inconsistencies with Hachey's testimony and what she told the court during a preliminary hearing.

He pointed out that Hachey initially told police that she saw Martin come into the mobile home with a large hunting knife up his sleeve.

Hachey said this was a lie, told to help Polchies.  

Hachey also told the court she used a lot of drugs, has a history of lying, and has robbed people in the past.

"That is, not honest behaviour?" Burke asked.

"No," Hachey replied.

Rifle, knife entered into evidence

A rifle was submitted as evidence in the trial. (Catherine Harrop/CBC News)

Polchies and Hachey were arrested Jan. 29, 2017, near Woodstock.

On the first day of the trial, Crown prosecutor Darlene Blunston said the Crown would prove Polchies shot Martin "not once, but twice" with a semi-automatic rifle.

She also told the jury Hachey was afraid of Polchies, which is why she went on social media and said she killed Martin in self-defence.

A rifle, bag of ammunition, and blood-tipped bullets were among the exhibits entered into evidence Tuesday.

Burke and Emily Cochrane are Polchies's lawyers, while Brian Munn and Blunston are representing the Crown. Justice Judy Clendening is presiding over the trial.

With files from Catherine Harrop

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