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High-tech features in CHUM burn unit speed up patient recovery

When you look at Alexandra Duchesne, you see a vibrant young woman working on a Masters degree — but only two years ago she was covered in bandages, almost from head to toe, after being burned by hot oil.

Provincial police union acknowledges tense relations with Indigenous citizens in Val-d'Or

The union representing Sûreté du Québec officers recommends better training programs for recruits who work with Indigenous communities, but it is also criticizing certain methods used by the Viens Commission to document their work.

Health Canada takes steps to restrict amount of alcohol allowed in sugary premixed beverages

Health Canada is taking steps to reduce the amount of alcohol allowed in the potent, sugary, premixed drinks that the agency says are becoming a growing risk to public health, especially for young people.

Quebec judge to rule on whether sexual abuse class-action against Jehovah's Witnesses can proceed

A Quebec Superior Court justice is now deliberating on whether to authorize a class-action lawsuit against the religious group. Complainants are each seeking $250,000 in damages for sexual abuse claims.

Anglo rights will be respected when school boards abolished, education minister says

"Of course, it is important to do it right and to do it by respecting the rights of the anglophone communities to control and manage schools," said Education Minister Jean-François Roberge.

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