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Some Manitobans wake up to snow-covered lawns on 1st day of fall

While Environment Canada hasn't seen any reports of heavy snow in the province, it is possible that overnight lows that dropped below the freezing mark caused some light snow in some areas, the weather agency says.

Shoal Lake 40's Freedom Road hits major milestone as construction reaches Trans-Canada Highway

Construction on the road which will provide all-season access to Shoal Lake 40 First Nation has reached a major milestone.

$154M plan with federal government step toward self-government for Métis: Manitoba Metis Federation

A plan that includes $154 million in federal government funding for the Manitoba Metis Federation is just the beginning of a transformational process advancing reconciliation between Canada and the Métis people, MMF president David Chartrand says.

What is 'high?' Workplace inebriation a grey area for employers ahead of legal pot, experts say

With less than a month until federal legislation makes recreational cannabis legal in Canada, experts say gaps in understanding about the drug and impairment remain the biggest challenge facing employers preparing for the change.

Humboldt survivor meets his new teammate, Winnipeg-trained service dog

Amid snuggles, smiles and a dog-sized hug, Graysen Cameron and his new service dog Chase got acquainted Friday in Edmonton.

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