Get ready for no left turns at Adelaide and Oxford until September

Just when you thought getting around London was getting impossible, the city has announced closures and lane restrictions set to start this weekend at four key intersections

City announces road work set to start this weekend at 4 key intersections

Work starting this weekend at the intersection of Oxford and Adelaide will bring lane reductions that will prevent drivers and cyclists from making left turns in any direction. The work is slated to wrap up in early September. (Google Street View)

If making a left turn at Oxford and Adelaide is part of your regular London commute, you might want to consider another route for the next eight weeks. 

As part of a series of road work announced by the city Thursday, work by Bell Canada to repair manholes at Oxford and Adelaide will mean lane reductions to the busy intersection starting Saturday at 6 a.m. 

Drivers and cyclists won't be able to make left-hand turns "in any direction" according to the news release. Also, drivers and cyclists travelling westbound from Oxford onto Adelaide won't be able to make a right turn. Pedestrians will be able to get through during the entire construction period. 

This work will affect the following London Transit routes: 4, 16, 17, 91, & 92. Details here.  

Other intersection work announced by the city Thursday include:

Egerton and Florence

Starting Friday at 10 a.m., this intersection will also effectively close. The good news here? The work is slated to wrap up by Monday. 

Also, during the closure eastbound traffic on Florence can turn south (right) onto Egerton. Northbound traffic on Egerton can turn west (left) onto Florence only. Egerton north of Florence, however, will remain closed.

This work will require London Transit's No. 7 bus to be diverted. Details on that here

​Colonel Talbot Road and Longwoods Road / Main Street

Starting Friday at 7 p.m., the intersection of Colonel Talbot Road, Longwoods Road, and Main Street (Lambeth) will be closed to motorists and cyclists in all directions.

Work will continue around the clock until Monday evening. 

During this closure, motorists and cyclists should keep an eye out for electronic advisory signs posting information about detour routes. Pedestrian access will be maintained through the area.

Exeter and Wonderland

Starting Saturday at 7 a.m., Exeter Road between Meadowbrook Drive and Wonderland Road South will be closed.

The silver lining here? This is only a 24-hour closure.

Motorists and cyclists travelling east-west will be detoured via White Oak Road and Wharncliffe Road South.

North-south traffic will be maintained and pedestrians will be able to get through. 

During this time, motorists and cyclists should look for the electronic advisory signs posted for detour routes. Pedestrian access will be maintained through the area.

CN Rail crossing at Gore Road

The CN Rail crossing on Gore Road between River Road and Marconi Gate will be closed for a week starting Friday, July 13, at 7 a.m. so crews can conduct repair work to the rails. (City of London)

Starting Friday at 7 a.m., the CN Rail crossing on Gore Road between River Road and Marconi Gate will be closed to cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

The closure of the road and the sidewalk will be in place for one week so crews can complete rail repair work.

Motorists and cyclists are asked to follow the advanced detour signs. Traffic will be detoured to Trafalgar Street via Clarke Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

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