TheMuseum's restaurant and basement suffered water damage after a sprinkler pipe located in the restaurant's ceiling burst on Sunday evening, which the CEO says might be "weather related."

"It was close to the front of the building, near our windows and so on, as we've had this extreme cold, I guess it just gave out last night," said David Marskell, CEO of TheMuseum.

Kitchener Fire Department and city officials responded to the inundation and cleanup efforts are ongoing. The burst pipe will likely have to be replaced.

While the restaurant, B@TheMuseum, is anticipated to be closed until Thursday for cleanup and repairs, Marskell said the rest of the museum will be open as usual.

Sunday breakage

Around 7:30 p.m. Sunday the pipe burst and water poured down the window and into the restaurant, he said. The water also ran down the walls into the basement, where the organization's computer servers and pieces of a new show this month are located.

"We're still assessing what has happened down there," Marskell said.

The servers have been moved off-site and TheMuseum's digital infrastructure is currently running remotely. There was initial concern about the display pieces that will be used for a show later this month, but so far they don't see any damage, Marskell said.

TheMuseum is only open to school groups on Mondays and Tuesdays. Marskell said the Tuesday group rental for the space will continue as planned.