170 livestock animals killed in Wellesley barn fire

A weekend barn fire has killed an estimated 170 pigs, horses and chickens in Wellesley Township — but the owners were able to save 70 horses. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

Firecrews remained at the scene for seven hours in –22 C

Fire investigators in Wellesley Township are probing the cause of a barn fire over the weekend that caused about $400,000 damage and killed over 100 livestock animals. 

The initial damage estimate includes the 150 pigs, at least 8 horses and 12 chickens killed in the fire. The owners of the property and their neighbours were able to save approximately 70 horses.

Firefighters from Wellesley Township, St. Clements and Linwood were called to 3649 Hessen Strasse Rd, south of St. Clements, just before 3:00 a.m. Sunday.

Cause unknown

Paul Redman, Fire Chief of the Township of Wellesley, said the barn had collapsed by the time firefighters arrived at the scene.

"Two large silos on scene took a significant amount of heat from the fire," said Redman.

"They're not sure whether those are going to have to come down. And obviously if that's the case that's going to change the dollar value in the end."

The cause of the fire is unknown.

At least 30 firefighters, the complete fleet of three tankers, three pumpers three rescue trucks and an aerial truck were at the scene to fight the fire.

Firecrews were at the scene for up to seven hours battling the blaze in –22 C.

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