Arkells: a 3-song Junos primer

The second in a series of three-song primers of Canadian artists performing at the 2017 Juno Awards on April 2.

The second in a series of three-song primers of Canadian artists performing at the 2017 Juno Awards.

Arkells: a 3-song Junos primer

With 10 acts and artists confirmed to perform so far, this year's Junos broadcast on Sunday, April 2, promises to be one of the biggest in the award ceremony's history.

From emerging artists like Ruth B to established acts like Sarah McLachlan and Billy Talent, there's something for every music fan, and there are also a lot of great opportunities to discover exciting, new-to-you artists for your earbuds —to punch up your playlists or add to your record collection, or scope out for when their tours come to your hometown.

Think of the live Junos broadcast as an opportunity to survey just a little bit more of the country's music scene, its depth and breadth, and then keep checking back daily as CBC Music posts its handy three-song primers for each artist and band, as well as a few quotes to help deepen your appreciation of all these great musicians.


The rock-and-soul Hamilton-based band has been making music since 2008, winning audiences over with kinetic, face-melting live shows and accumulating thousands of kilometres under its bandmates belts as they tour everywhere to high demand.

Arkells are lead singer and guitarist Max Kerman, guitarist and vocalist Mike DeAngelis, bass player Nick Dika, drummer Tim Oxford and Anthony Carone on keys, and the band is nominated for two Junos this year: rock album of the year and group of the year.

Below are three essential songs that provide a bit of shape and context to the band's evolving sound, as well as some quotes and interview excerpts with Kerman to help you get to know the real Arkells.

Song: "Oh, the Boss is Coming!"
Album: Jackson Square (2008)

An excerpt about this song from an interview with Noisey in 2016:

Noisey, 2016


Song: "Book Club"
Album: Michigan Left (2011)

On songwriting (Songfacts.com, 2014): "The songs start with me but they are bare bones ideas. It's usually based on a simple chord melody that I'm attached to at the time and a couple standout lyrics. I'll have a verse and a chorus together, but they have to be exciting enough for me to bring to the band. So it's usually just the first 10 per cent of a song [laughs]. Everybody gets their hands on the songs from there and we hack away at them until they feel good."

Song: "My Heart's Always Yours"
Album: Morning Report (2016)

An excerpt about Arkell's love for their Hamilton hometown (EhBSeaSides.com, 2011):




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