Weather Journal for February 22nd

Current Conditions

We’ll be back to minus single digit highs starting today and that lasts right through the weekend. 

I don’t see any major snow events for Manitoba over the next week but I do see the chance for a few light flurries on Saturday night into Sunday morning. 

Then, after the weekend, a few centimetres around the Monday time frame. Forecast model guidance keeps changing on the timing of those small snow events so stay tuned on that.  

Not so cold that we have to worry about frostbite, and not so warm that the river trail and the snow sculptures at Festival melt prematurely. 

Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

Thursday:  S @ 20/25 this afternoon. 

Friday: N @ 10 in the morning.   SW @ 10/15 in the afternoon. 

Saturday:  S @ 20 in the morning.  S @ 25/30 in the afternoon.

Sunday:  SW @ 10/15 in the morning.  SW @ 20/25 in the afternoon.,,,,,,,,,,