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CBC Manitoba


541 Portage Ave.

Winnipeg, MB

R3C 2H1

Email newsroom with news tip

Email feedback on news coverage

Email I-Team with a confidential news story

Teletypewriter: 1-866-220-6045
Reception: 204-788-3222 (TTY)

TEL: (204) 788-3641
I-Team: (204) 788-3744 

Information Radio

TEL: 204-788-3205

Email: Information Radio

Radio Noon

TEL: 1-877-666-6292

Email: Radio Noon

Up to Speed

TEL: 204-788-3205

Email: Up to Speed

Weekend Morning Show

TEL: 204-788-3102

Email: Weekend Morning Show

North Country

TEL: 204-677-9517

Email: North Country

CBC Audience Services & CBC Help

CBC's Audience Services is a key touch point for Canadians to engage with their public broadcaster/ We go above and beyond traditional customer service to create a more personal, and more relevant connection with our audiences. As CBC/Radio-Canada seeks to double its digital reach by 2020, we will also modernize our services, with a particular focus on real-time, digital engagement, all while making sure we don't leave behind those Canadians who depend on our traditional services.

Telephone and voicemail: 1-866-305-4636

CBC Help website:

1. Do you have transcripts of CBC Winnipeg News and local, CBC Radio One current affairs programs?

With help from the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, full episode written transcripts are available for the CBC Radio One program, The Current, as part of a pilot project.

Audio, video and written transcripts of CBC News and current affairs programs can be purchased from Cision, a media monitoring company.

2. How do I submit a news story idea to CBC Manitoba's I-Team investigative unit, confidentially?

Tell CBC Manitoba's I-Team if you know about something our reporters and researchers should investigate. Reach them by email or phone: (204) 788-3744.

3. How can I approach CBC Manitoba to sponsor my event?

CBC Manitoba is proud to invest in community events with non-profit groups in Manitoba through sponsorships. We are committed to reaching diverse communities along with large scale events that promote local philanthropy and/or community innovation. Please contact the Communications, Marketing & Brand department.

Note: To be eligible for a CBC Manitoba sponsorship, organizations must have a permanent office in Canada, be non-political and be registered as a non-profit or have charitable status. CBC does not provide cash for sponsorships. Requests should be submitted twelve weeks prior to the event date and a decision will be communicated to you within a month of receipt.

4. How do I submit an event to CBC Manitoba's Community Calendar?

As your public broadcaster we are proud to help bring communities together. CBC Manitoba's Community Calendar is one way you can connect your event to what's happening in our city and province. The event listing is posted on CBC Manitoba's Events Page so others can view. Each submission is moderated manually, so please allow up to three weeks for processing. 

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Gabriela Klimes, manager

Lindsay MacKenzie, senior communications officer


John Bertrand, senior managing director

Cecil Rosner, managing editor

John Sauder, meteorologist


Jason Perring, manager, broadcast and digital sales


Lucille Brunette, administration | TEL: (204) 788-3114


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