White Coat Black Art with Dr. Brian Goldman

CBC Radio's Dr. Brian Goldman takes listeners through the swinging doors of hospitals and doctors' offices, behind the curtain where the gurney lies.

  • 27:05
    Could your hip replacement hurt you? Journalist Jeanne Lenzer explores the medical device industry in her book, The Danger Within Us.
    Jul 11, 2018
  • 27:06
    Sharron Cooke and Devora Greenspon speak frankly about life in long-term residential care, from the loss of freedom to advocating for those who can't do it themselves.
    Jul 5, 2018
  • 27:29
    Dr Paige Church, developmental paediatrician talks about her life as a doctor with spina bifida.
    Jun 28, 2018
  • 08:51
    On our first program of the season we told you about a unique program in Ontario that treats 'food addicts' alongside those who have drug and alcohol addictions in an in-patient setting. We follow up with Annie Rosenberg, who went through the program, to see how she's faring.
    Jun 22, 2018
  • 16:21
    Earlier this year, White Coat, Black Art aired a program that detailed the experiences of female medical students and residents who told stories of being sexually harassed and even assaulted by senior doctors who were their mentors and teachers. We protected the women's identities because they feared going public would impact their careers. This week, Dr. Kimberley Kelly, a professor, a practicing MD for more than 20 years and board member of the Alberta Medical Association goes on the record with her #metoo in medicine story. She is now at the forefront of a movement to change the culture that allowed for abuse. She tells us about the steps she and other leaders are taking to bring about that change.
    Jun 22, 2018
  • 27:28
    This week: A follow to our #metoo in medicine show - A senior MD goes on the record about her experience being sexually harassed by a mentor, and details what she and others are doing to change the culture that allows for abuse. Reaction to our our Crisis of Care town hall event and we follow up on our first story of the season, about a woman who got treated for 'food addiction' alongside people who are addicted to alcohol and cocaine.
    Jun 22, 2018
  • 54:27
    On June 12, White Coat, Black Art hosted a town hall meeting on 'aging out' at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. Parents, caregivers gathered to talk about the crisis of care they face when children with disabilities and complex needs 'age out' of the pediatric system that has supported them for their entire lives.
    Jun 15, 2018
  • 27:10
    Dr. Goldman spends a day with Gilly, a teen with autism and developmental delay. Gily is on the cusp of aging out of the programs that support her, and her parents are struggling to figure out how the family will manage when that happens.
    Jun 8, 2018
  • 27:10
    Greg Price, a 31-year-old Alberta man fatally fell through the cracks of the health-care system after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. After his 2012 death, his family advocated for change by continually telling his story. This week, we explore how Greg's story became a film to teach med students, and why some of the best in Canada's TV industry helped bring the film to life.
    Jun 1, 2018
  • 10:00
    Dr. Michael Ehrenreich, a dermatologist based in New Jersey, wrote Medicine: The Musical will open off-Broadway this fall. He speaks to Dr. Brian Goldman about why singing doctors are a good fit for the musical stage.
    May 25, 2018
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