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Create this DIY birdfeeder for the nature lover on your list this season

A sweet homemade gift for all our friends, feathered or not.
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This smoothie will help you heal after indulging during the holidays

A healthy beverage to help you feel your best after all those soirees and sweets
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The Goods, November 23: The Danish Art Of Happiness, Shahir's Ginger Tea, Letters For Dear Andrea

Jessi's back! We discover the Danish secret to happiness, and Andrea answers more audience relationship questions. So many surprises!
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Learning how to dunk with 16-year-old basketball phenom Laeticia Amihere

Andrea Bain met up with the Milton, Ont. native to get some pro dunking tips
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Harness the power of ginger with a comforting homemade tea

Warm up to winter with a tea that will help you stay healthy this season
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How to make new friends after a big move

Andrea Bain, The Goods' resident relationship expert, helps a teen take on a new school.
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The Goods, November 22: Great Canadian Baking Show, Men VS Women's Health, Eco Design Lesson

Men Vs Women! We compete to find out which gender is better put together, and the hosts and judges of GCBS drop by. Bring your game face!

Man of the Kitchen: Red Velvet Beet Cakes check both the 'healthy' and the 'downright delicious' boxes

Chef Shahir Massoud's favourite sweet treat for his sweetheart.
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Eco friend or foe: A contractor's advice for renovating responsibly

Darren Voros on how to minimize your footprint on your next building project.
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Recipe: Maple Sourdough Bread Pudding with Pear Caramel

This scrumptious dessert may just be the best thing you could possibly do with your day-old bread.
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Upcycle your old leather with these home decor DIYs

Steven Sabados shows us how to elevate any room with stylish leather accents you can make ASAP.
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The Goods, November 21: Musician Johnny Reid, Parenting Panel, Steven's Serving Tray DIY

A Scot in Nashville. Singer-songwriter Johnny Reid talks about his move to Nashville, Steven shows how to turn a simple serving tray into a work of art. Tres, tray chic!
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Tried and tested: Household cleaning DIYs that actually work

Who knew ketchup, cornstarch and egg yolks could be so powerful?
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Recipe: Nashville Hot Chicken

Shahir cooked up a Nashville favourite with a Canadian spin for our guest Johnny Reid.

A custom DIY serving tray in 3 easy steps, by Steven Sabados

Entertain in style by decking out a tray with all those pretty baubles you don't have a home for
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The Goods, November 20: Fashion For $50, Stationary Bike Workout, and Chefs With Hart

This show is all heart. Steven and Shahir make sushi with 8-year-old Hartley Bernier, and the hosts get a stationary bike cardio workout. Plus, Instagram accounts we love!
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Budget-friendly basics to build your wardrobe on this winter

The must-have wardrobe staples you'll have on repeat for every occasion.
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Watch Shahir make sushi with Sick Kids Ambassador Hartley Bernier

The eight-year-old stopped by The Goods to make one of his favourite foods and tell us all about his charity, Chefs With Heart
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One sweater dress, three ways: How to work this stylish staple into heavy rotation

Get cozy, casual and all dressed up with one versatile piece
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The season's most covetable jewelry trends and how to style them

Stylist Casey Tuninga shares how to make a statement with these must-have accessories
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The Goods, November 13: Soft And Pretty Dining Room Decor, Shahir's Mulled Rosé, and Teen Photographer

Soft And Pretty All The Way. Steven merges softer decor with a modern touch, and a 17 year old photographer talks about photographing the homeless. And, 2017 trends get a Yay or Nay.
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Recipe: Mulled Rosé

Move over frosé, there’s a new kid in town to warm things up!
The Goods

Create a striking feminine space with curves, contrasts and bold florals

Steven Sabados just created the dining room of our dreams.
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3 All-natural homemade facial mists for healthy, glowing skin

Refreshing, hydrating and beautifully scented, you'll want to make them all.
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The Goods, Novemeber 10: Frugal And Festive Tablesetting Challenge, Powerful Food Combinations, and Liar Liar

From simple to super. We learn combinations that turn simple foods into superfoods, and Shahir and Andrea compete to see who can set the best date night table. Plus, hilarious dating stories.