Bright monochromatic suits for everyone!

Spotted IRL and also now in the magical realm of Bey and Jay-Z... we're swooning over suits this summer.

Spotted IRL and also now in the magical realm of Bey and Jay-Z... we're swooning over suits this summer

Let's be honest, no one wants to wear a suit in the summer. When all we want to do is slip into a bathing suit, a hot and stuffy topper and trousers combo isn't ideal when it comes to battling summer's scorching heat and humidity. But you can't unsee that suited up shot of Beyonce and Jay-Z flanking the Mona Lisa. It's a game-changing look. And they're not the only celebs to embrace the colourful 2-piece trend. Bella Hadid picked a sunny yellow suit for her front row seat at the Dior Mens show and Harry Styles has donned nearly the entire rainbow while on tour (shout out to Calvin Klein designer Raf Simons for the Mick Jagger-esque custom-made creations). So how to make it work for the 9-5 if you're not walking a red carpet or taking on the world stage? Step 1: Start by choosing a colour that screams summer. Bey's version in lovely lavender, accented with a crimson rope belt, feels daisy fresh, as does Jay-Z's mint double-breasted blazer. Step 2: Find a chilly blast of A/C and park yourself in front of it.


This particular shade of kelly green is usually reserved for St. Patrick's Day, but it'll feel like a breath of fresh air when you're at your desk instead of the dock.

Laveer Oversized Kadette Blazer, $694, and Laveer Cropped Annie Trousers, $390,

Wearing a lemon-yellow suit takes confidence. Ease into the colour by breaking up the pieces. Try the pants with a fitted tee or the blazer with a silky skirt before breaking out the coordinated set.

3.1 Phillip Lim Sculpted Sleeve Blazer, $795 (on sale for $477), and 3.1 Phillip Lim Double-Waistband Pant, $450 (on sale for $270),

Eschew millennial pink for a bolder bubble gum. There's no way you'll be overlooked in that Monday morning meeting.

Banana Republic Classic-Fi Lightweight Wool Blazer, $240 (on sale for $179.99) and Banana Republic Avery Straight-Fit Lightweight Wool Pant, $124 (on sale for $75),

Haven't tried a wide, fluid pant yet? It's a modern departure from all the skinnies in your closet. This crimson pleated pair is made from matte satin which means that they'll give that satisfying swoosh as you walk.

Babaton Demy Blazer, $195 (on sale for $175), and Babaton Sadiki Pant, $145 (on sale for $135),

A trip to the Mediterranean coast may not be in the cards, but you can channel those turquoise waters in a Canadian-made suit cut from the same colour. Slip your smartphone into the patch pockets and off you go.

Smythe Portrait Neck Blazer, $695, and Smythe Cropped Kick Pant, $425,

If you work in a corporate office, stick to neutrals for daytime and save this suit for weekends, weddings and whenever you need some serious wow factor. Kick the style quotient up a notch by pairing it with a printed shirt and white sneakers.

Topman Purple Skinny Fit Suit, $278,

Canadian summers are fleeting. Ditch darker colours and celebrate the season in pale pink. Pink Tartan's ankle-exposing suit gives you all the sartorial pluses of strong tailoring in a hot weather-approved palette.

Pink Tartan Boyfriend Blazer, $495 (on sale for $346.50), and Pink Tartan Stretch Wool Cuff Pant, $295 (on sale for $206.50),

If you're used to wearing navy blue, turn the dial up and give cobalt a try. This version from RW&CO is an affordable way to try the trend without veering too far outside of your comfort zone.

RW&CO Slim Fit Solid Bright Shawl Collar Blazer, $229 (on sale for $129.50), and RW&CO Slim Fit Solid Bright Pant, $119 (on sale for $69.50),

Slouchy isn't often a word associated with suits, but this one's wide, tuxedo striped pants and generous double-breasted blazer give it a cool, casual feel. The soft Pantone palette is the icing on the cake.

Golden Goose Misam Jacket, $1,608, and Golden Goose Sally Pants, $906,

Pistachio isn't usually in a rapper's wardrobe wheelhouse, but Jay-Z makes a strong case for ice cream colours. Follow his lead in a double-breasted number that's as refreshing as a double scoop cone.  

Sandro Almond Green Tailored Jacket, $470 (on sale for $235) and Sandro 7/8 Length Tailored Trousers, $265 (on sale for $185.50),

This proves that pink and power dressing can go hand in hand. Dress your suit up with a punchy pocket square, a crisp cotton shirt and a well-polished pair of shoes.

H&M Blazer Skinny Fit, $119, and H&M Suit Pants Skinny Fit, $59.99,

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