Your horoscope for the week ahead: The scene is set for opportunities and success

A new Moon and partial solar eclipse on Thursday kicks of an auspicious new lunar month.

A new Moon and partial solar eclipse on Thursday kicks of an auspicious new lunar month.

(Warren Keefe)

We've got another exciting week coming up. The sky is cooking up a lovely array of events that will work in your favour. Get ready for a major astrological shift as Jupiter, aka Zeus, returns to direct motion on Tuesday after a 4-month retrograde journey that began in early March.

Jupiter's retrograde has been a period of planning and preparation. With his return to direct motion, you'll be given a chance to reverse apparent setbacks and put things on course to success.

The New Moon on Thursday will also bring a partial solar eclipse of the Sun that will skim through some parts of southern Australia. (Most of this partial solar eclipse will pass over the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Canada won't get to see it.)

Uranus, the planet of surprises is building up in power and influence in the coming weeks. Unexpected opportunities, out of the blue, could land in your lap.

Mars, ruler of fiery Aries, continues his 2-month retrograde cycle that began on June 26. He is your personal muscleman who is working hard on your behalf. You can depend on him to fire up your booster rockets. Regardless of your sign, you can capitalize on this proactive burst of fiery energy.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 9, 2018.


Someone's intransigent attitude has created a mountain of trouble. It's made you blink in disbelief. It has also demonstrated how detrimental pettiness can be when it creeps into human behaviour. In no way should it be allowed to destroy your own happiness. There is something you need now to digest. Blank out the bad things and focus your attention on all the good. Allow your thoughts to dwell on certain very promising developments that have taken place and all the positive ramifications that could transpire. This will raise your spirits, provide a valuable tonic for your enthusiasm and put you in control.


The lack of progress in what feels like a ridiculous situation is adversely affecting your sanity. There is an element of absurdity to life right now. In short, something is ending, so that something better can begin. With a disciplined and structured application of your willpower working in conjunction with your famous sense of humour, it is possible to beat the odds, pull off a miracle and even save your mind.  It's a good thing you know how to laugh.


Many wonderful developments are in store for you in the coming weeks as Jupiter returns to direct motion. Life's daily routines and schedules incline us to think that life will continue to follow its old tedious way – as if nothing new exists beyond the narrow parameters of our existence. There is much about your potential that has not yet been discovered, far more than you can imagine. Certain influential people can see your talents better than you can and it is they who will swing open the doors and usher you into a world full of exploration and adventure.


Uncertainty in an important process is causing a heightened level of frustration. Anger must always be tempered by wise insights and patience, if you are to avoid potentially disastrous consequences. If you feel your emotions approaching a flash point, pause for a second before opening your mouth and saying things you may later regret. You'll soon see that you have more influence in this situation than you'd realized and that your opinion is highly valued. You are encountering some home truths that will lead to an inspiring discovery that will boost your confidence and put you in a great mood.


Just as a huge array of tasks, obligations and commitments reaches completion, you find yourself again taking on a whole new set of responsibilities. It's the same old story, all over again. There's no reason to feel you must comply with helping others out. You've paid your dues many times over. Certainly, it's in your heart to help as much as you can, but you really must think about your own needs too. It's a laudable virtue to be generous, but it's also high time you started living life for yourself. And that's exactly what's going to happen.


Everywhere you look, people are rushing along trying to accomplish urgent tasks with little time to properly replenish their physical and emotional batteries. It feels as through life is spiralling out of control. Let them go on their way. Drop out of the rat race, if only for a few minutes, and find a moment of serenity. Now is the time to do it. When you get the knack of it, you'll learn how to charge up your batteries in an instant. Practice makes perfect. You are the master of your destiny. Life will seem so much better after you take a few deep breaths. You'll be back in control.


Mistakes and failures are necessary. There is so much to be learned from them. You can look back aghast at the warning signs you ignored. But do keep in mind that all of your mistakes were necessary and meaningful actions. They had to happen in order to press you into discovering a deeply buried issue within your unconscious. It won't be long before you're heralded as the reincarnation of Confucius. People will flock to you for advice, if they're not already. A compassionate Universe is carefully educating you and enriching your wisdom.


Certain difficulties have in the past caused you much anxiety, but it's thanks to them that you have acquired a new understanding of an old and stubborn problem. It's important to not see yourself as smaller than whatever difficulty you face. You might find it hard to believe that you could ever rise above the situation and take control over it, yet you are doing it. Your wisdom is growing rapidly and as it does a big drama in your life is showing unmistakable signs of improvement. Why? Because your personal power is growing. A friendly sky is instructing you on how to achieve your ambitions and objectives.  


Breaking old habits and routines is never easy. Familiarity breeds complacency. We all love comfort, but when it becomes excessive the Universe tends to intervene and impose change on us. Certain, shall we say, unpredicted events of late have occurred for your own good. The status quo needed to be shaken up. When everything settles down, as it assuredly will, you'll realize how well you are protected and how much more exciting life has become. Nothing can get the better of you. There is an iron will deep in your heart that is supremely powerful.


You are well on your way to putting right what is so inadequate and insufficient in your life. You have set in motion a process that will bring great success. Much may change in a most positive fashion in the coming weeks, during the Mars retrograde. Your growing awareness and acknowledgement of a particularly thorny issue means you can start fixing it once and for all. Mars is your Mister Fix-it guy. He's your Hercules. He is providing the muscle you need to get a big job done. It's been a long time, but light is now clearly visible at the end of that seemingly endless long tunnel.


Uranus, the Planet of Surprises, has delivered an unexpected development, which has caught you off guard. It's presented itself as a problem, but, in reality, it is an opportunity in disguise. It is the first step leading to a positive turnaround. The key is to deal with your challenges fearlessly with strength and determination. It's forcing you to think long and hard about making a brave move that you have been resisting. You are about to make an inspiring discovery about yourself that will put you in the driver's seat.


Some events take a bit of getting used to. An unforeseen development is causing a spot of trouble. You have a choice between indulging in angst and worry about this whole affair, or trusting that it's happening for a good reason. Go with the latter. Everything will turn out perfectly fine for you. Clarity regarding the course of action you must take will come this week. You have seen the back of a ridiculous situation. The time is right to make a move you've been mulling. Be assured that you are on the right track. Of this, there is no doubt.,,,,,,,,,,