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How many people are there in the world?


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Did you know that July 11 is World Population Day? It's a very important day that aims to raise awareness of global population issues and how our world is changing as more and more people try to live together, find a space of their own and share resources.

Do you know how many people there are on the earth? You might be surprised with how many there are...

How many people are on the earth today - there are 7.6 billion people on earth as of May, 2018

Oh, you want to know how much 7.6 billion actually is? Well, it's a lot. Like A LOT! In fact, it's so much that it's actually a little hard to imagine. But since you asked, we're totally up for the challenge! Here we go.

A one litre jar can hold 226 jelly beans*

An Olympic-sized swimming pool can hold around 2,500,000 — or 2.5 million — litres of water. So, 7.6 billion jelly beans would fill...

The population of earth is equivalent to 13.5 swimming pools full of jelly beans

Or say your barber was busy and she asked you to wait 7.6 billion seconds.

No problem, right? Seconds are super fast. Well, they are until you put that many of them together! You 'll be waiting for a really long time actually.

If the population of earth were seconds, it would be over 241 years

That's a lot of paper!

Hold up a piece of paper. See how this it is? It's only 0.1 millimetres thick. Well, if you stacked 7.6 billion sheets of that stuff, you'd have a stack 760 kilometres high!

If the population of earth were paper, it would stack over 760 km high

Uh oh! Ok, I'm going to go hang out in the jelly bean pools. If anyone asks — that giant paper mess totally wasn't my fault.

*number from wikijunior