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Zippy facts about the super fast Honda Indy car race


Photo credit: Paul Henman on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Every July, engines start revving up for the Honda Indy, which takes place in downtown Toronto. Put the pedal to the metal to get some cool facts about this zooming car racing competition.

The course

The course that the cars drive on is set up right on the lakefront of Toronto. During the race weekend, thousands of people come down to the lake shore to watch the cars zoom by and the roads are closed to traffic.

The Honda Indy features an eleven turn street course with each lap being almost 3 kilometres long and the drivers having to drive 85 laps in total

The flags

There are nine types of flags used during an Indy race:

green for the start and yellow means the tracks is not safe and red means the track is not safe at any speed and blue means a faster car is trying to pass and striped means the surface is slippery and white means one lap remains and black means go to pit area and cross means disqualified and checkered means end of race

The car and crew

And Indy car pit crew is made up of 11 people. A pit crew performs tire changes, tops up gas and checks the overall running of the car.

370 kilometres an hour is the top speed for an Indy car and a mechanic can replace a tire in 6 seconds and a typical pit stop take 10 seconds and a gas tank can hold 70 litres of gas and all cars have to be inspected for 8 hours before a race

Images: Michael Andretti: Manningmbd/CC BY-SA 3.0, Honday Indy car: Flickr/Michael Gil/CC BY 2.0; all others juice boxes -, speedometer,gold medal -, racing flags - BSGStudio, cars - idesignvectors. All car illustrations are artistic representations only and are not meant to represent actual HondaIndy vehicles. Sizes are not to scale.