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Morning crumpets and texts from mom: How three Checkup callers celebrated the royal wedding

Thousands had their eyes on the royal wedding Saturday morning. While some celebrated at home in their pyjamas, others organized elaborate parties.
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Royal wedding has value as traditions fall by the wayside: Checkup caller

While many traditions and institutions seem to be disappearing, the monarchy remains by embracing change, Eugene Manitawabi told Checkup.
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Join Duncan McCue live in Prince Rupert, B.C., as Checkup hits the road

Show to broadcast from the North Coast Meeting & Convention Centre on May 27 in front of live audience. The topic: control over resources.
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What do you think of the royal wedding?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex yesterday and the world has been following the splendour of the wedding.

Cannabis candies will stay off-limits after marijuana legalization — and that's a mistake: researcher

Food policy researcher Sylvain Charlebois found that more than half of Canadians would be willing to try cannabis-based cuisine. But when marijuana is legalized this year, those edibles will still be off-limits.

Blair on driving while high bill: 'I would've liked to have seen this passed months ago'

Bill Blair, Liberal MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice, tells Checkup marijuana legalization can be expected eight to 12 weeks after passing Senate.
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Are you ready for legal marijuana?

The government has delayed its plans to legalize marijuana once, and it's under pressure to delay again. Concerns about the details are still rolling in from Indigenous groups to doctors, from schools to the police, and even real estate vendors.

As floodwaters rose, hundreds came out to build a 'wall of hope' around this New Brunswick home

With the Kennebecasis River quickly rising toward her home, Sharon Murphy-Mayne asked her community to help build a sandbag barrier. Now, she calls her it 'wall of hope.'

Alberta flood survivor warns New Brunswickers, recovery can take years

Charlotte Sexsmith's husband owned a business in High River that was 'washed away' during that city's historic floods in 2013. Now in Leamington, Ont., she's prepared herself for future natural disasters.

What's your reaction to the flooding?

New Brunswickers are battling and fleeing from fast-rising waters — more than they've seen in almost half-a-century. Other parts of the country are facing similar challenges.

Inside Incel, the shadowy chat forum for 'involuntary celibates'

Eric Norrie was an active member of Reddit's now-defunct r/Incels until late 2016 and saw many concerning posts. But he doesn't believe that censoring harmful viewpoints online is the right way forward.

Should more control be exerted over some online communities?

Some suggest a marginal online community encouraged the Toronto van rampage that killed or injured 23 people. Can the Internet embolden people who harbour bad intentions?

Continuing Stuart McLean's tradition: here are some ordinary people worthy of recognition

Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards happened every year. This week, Checkup tapped into an important tradition from McLean's Vinyl Cafe and asked listeners to send in their nominations. Here are a few of them.

The Oscars of the ordinary: Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards bring 'unsung heroes' into the spotlight

Checkup producer Anna-Liza Kozma talks about what Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards mean to her.

Bringing back Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards: who would you nominate and why?

It has been more than a year since Stuart McLean died. In his honour, Checkup resurrects his beloved Arthur Awards where people across the country nominate someone unsung in their community who deserves to be recognized.

Former gas line engineer, arrested for protest, speaks out against Kinder Morgan pipeline

Jack Bryceland says he is speaking out against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project because he is concerned about the possibility of a tanker spill.

'Risk can be mitigated': Environmental scientist explains why he supports the Trans Mountain pipeline

Jim Thomson, an environmental scientist from Edmonton, says he supports the Trans Mountain pipeline, but believes much work still needs to be done before it gets built.

Who should have the final say on approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline — the feds or the provinces?

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says pipeline politics have brought the country to the edge of a constitutional crisis. B.C. Premier John Horgan says he just wants to ensure his province is protected. Who should have the final say, the feds or the provinces?

'Hockey is the fabric of our country': former Humboldt Broncos player shaken by bus crash

As a former junior hockey player with the Humboldt Broncos, Jeff Wiest says the fatal bus accident in Saskatchewan hits close to home.

'Lives in our hands': Bus drivers reflect on their responsibilities after Humboldt Broncos crash

The deadly Humboldt Broncos accident has left bus drivers across the country thinking about the impact of their jobs

What's your reaction to the horrific Saskatchewan bus crash?

A bus crash in northern Saskatchewan has cut a swath through the lives of the people in Humboldt ...and beyond. Fifteen dead, 14 injured — the town's junior hockey team decimated. What are your thoughts?

Modern political campaigns are fuelled by voters' social media profiles, says former strategist

Former political strategist Rick Anderson says the internet can be used to manipulate results in elections. But with the introduction of newer technologies, he says he was given more opportunities to learn about potential voters’ interests.

It's the government's job to protect Canadians' privacy online, says advertising exec

Michael Roy, works at a Vancouver-based creative agency. He opened up about the give and take of advertising and told Checkup guest host Susan McReynolds about the role he believes governments should play in protecting people’s privacy.

Do you trust large tech companies like Facebook and Google with your personal data?

Sunday on Cross Country Checkup: breach of trust. An angry #DeleteFacebook movement is growing amid revelations that political operators got their hands on the personal data of millions of people.

Sam Roberts, Ruth B and more on how music is changing in a borderless digital world

From music veterans like Loreena McKennitt to newcomers like Ruth B, artists shared their viewpoints on how the internet has changed the music industry, and whether they’ve embraced these changes — or simply endured them.,,,,,,,,,,