This dancing 92-year-old has access to the fountain of youth...we suspect

Dorothy Gordon has become the inspirational compass for many of the other participants in the massive dance piece Le Grand Continental.

Dorothy Gordon has become the inspirational compass for the massive dance piece Le Grand Continental

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What's it like to dance like nobody's watching, with over 200 other dancers...when you're 92?

In this video, you'll meet Dorothy Gordon and move with her through rehearsals for Le Grand Continental, the massive dance piece that's at the centre of this year's Luminato Festival in Toronto.

The performance lasts 30 minutes and fuses line dancing with contemporary choreography. When it began in Montreal in 2009, it included 65 people. Now, it has nearly 250. And nonagenarian Dorothy Gordon has become the inspirational compass for many of those dancers. She has the spirit of a teenager and moves like she's at least a couple of decades younger than her 92 years. Her key to staying young enough to be in a huge dance performance? Hanging out with people half her age, she laughs.

Watch the video:

Join the 92-year-old for a rehearsal before the dance celebration at Toronto's Luminato Festival. 3:17

Gordon's just one example of what makes Le Grand Continental special — it brings together people who would likely never have met, from different places in the world, different histories and vastly different ages (the youngest is only 11). Fusing all of these personalities in dance creates an energy that's quite rare — and even more magical.

Le Grand Continental was part of the Luminato Festival in Toronto. And you can continue to catch Dorothy dancing at her local pub in Toronto every Friday night.

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(CBC Arts)
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